Major Disease Affecting 30 Million People Being Misdiagnosed, Could You Have It?

It appears that there is a major disease going misdiagnosed that affects more people than diabetes and heart disease, and you could have it without realizing it. One of the most horrific things to go through is the idea that you could be dying from a terrible disease you cannot stop, but what if you were diagnosed earlier and lived longer due to it?

Thyroid disease, according to Livestrong, has been missed a lot more than it should. Obviously, people do not consider their thyroid when they see a doctor, and it’s clearly not the first thing doctors check on. Certain specialists you might see, such as an endocrinologist or gastrointestinologist, may do a check on your thyroid. However, your average primary physician may never consider it. This makes sense as it is not something they’d check first. They may do a small check under the neck, but this spot test does not always give them an indication of something being good or bad.

However, according to Livestrong, claims revealed that the disease which attacks the thyroid gland is often misdiagnosed or simply undetected. The study shows over 30 million Americans could be suffering from thyroid problems and not even notice it or realize it. Imagine what the stats could be from around the world regarding undetected thyroid issues. The thyroid has a vast affect on the human body and controls hormones, energy, and metabolism.

Thyroid gland anatomy illustration design.
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This small gland affects the human body so much that you literally could have an issue with it and not realize it. Every pill you’ve taken and every procedure you have done that found nothing could have all been avoided by simply checking out the thyroid for a thyroid disease.

Kelly Morrow, M.S., RD, an associate professor at Bastyr University, explains the impact of the gland on the human body, saying that “at a recent nutrition conference, the thyroid was referred to as the metronome of life, and I really like that analogy.”

There are many Americans and people worldwide who suffer horrific hormone problems and even have thyroid issues run in their family, but they do not even bother thinking about the thyroid gland for a disease of any kind. The thyroid has such an impact that it can affect your heart, which is an even bigger issue long-term. Many end up seeing a cardiologist and start on various types of medicine to help a problem that may not exist.

People with thyroid disease may very well be misdiagnosed with a heart disease, as often times doctors do not check out the thyroid like they should. Also, due to the fact that the thyroid affects a person’s metabolism, people often gain weight and even lose it.

Man in pain from thyroid disease.
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This is why people who are bigger that lose weight fast also tend to have more fatigue. Sometimes that blah feeling could all be linked to your thyroid. That is what is so tremendous for some people; they know the moment their thyroid is back on balance because they can feel right again. Your overall body is affected by this small gland found in your neck, and making sure its good to go is a great thing.

Possibly the worst thing one can go through would be thyroid cancer when it comes to this area of the body. Of course, some people may not even have symptoms of a problem but see a lump come up, sometimes small. This leads to people having to get things removed to help avoid problems with cancer, but losing part of the thyroid could affect a person.

At the end of the day, the medical world should certainly consider active thyroid checks on their patients, as it seems that thyroid disease is certainly a bigger problem in the world. It could be diagnosed sooner and people could feel better faster if these checks are done on a regular basis, similar to the normal blood panel would be for any check-up.

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