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Lisa Vanderpump On Lala Kent’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Future And Alleged Married BF

Does Lisa Vanderpump want Lala Kent on Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules? It seems so. During Lisa’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, she talked about Lala’s role on the reality TV show. Lisa also addressed the intense criticism that Lala received from some of her co-stars over her supposedly dating a married man.

During the after-show portion, a viewer called in and asked the SUR boss if she thinks it was hypocritical of Scheana Marie to criticize Lala for supposedly dating a married man given Scheana’s dating history, a reference to how Scheana dated Brandi Glanville’s now-ex, Eddie Cibrian, during their marriage. The viewer further asked Lisa if she wishes she helped Lala out more in dealing with the other women.

Lisa, who is executive producer of the reality show, pointed out that she didn’t personally witness a lot of what went on between Lala and the other girls as she’s not at SUR all the time. Lisa said she would’ve put a stop to it if she did witness it.

Lisa added that she adores Lala and thinks that she’s a great addition to the cast. Yet Lisa doesn’t think that Lala’s completely innocent when it comes to the drama between her and the other cast members. Lisa pointed out that Lala caused ill will with the other girls by talking about Tom Schwartz.

“I have to say, I adore Lala, She’s a great, kind of, addition to the show, to Vanderpump Rules. But I know she’s had some problems, like integrating with the other girls, but Lala has to take responsibility, own it again, for she created some of the crap, talking about Schwartzie and so, you know, everybody had their part in it.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala, in March, 2016, admitted that she has a crush on Katie Maloney’s now-husband, predicted that she would hook up with him in the future, and chastised Katie for not having sex with him. In September, 2016, Lala tweeted that Katie was a “no sex havin’ teletubby.”

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As the Inquisitr reported, during an interview in December, 2016, Lala Kent revealed that Lisa Vanderpump offered her a role on the show after spotting her eating at SUR one night.

“I started going to SUR when I was 17-years-old, before Lisa and Ken were even partners with the original owner. So I was eating there and I had girlfriends from Utah with me that worked there and Lisa just came up to me and said, ‘Would you like to work here? I hear you’re new to California.’ And with that job offer came, ‘Do you want to film the show?'”

Lala left the show mid-way through filming the current season due to not wanting to deal with all of the negativity and prying into her personal relationship. During an interview with Dr. Tabasum Mir for her podcast GlamMir, in February, 2016, Lala said that she wants to attend the reunion show to give the others a piece of her mind.

“I would like to attend, for the mere fact, like I said, they think they won because I left. And I think I have a few things I need to get off my chest.”

As for whether Lala really was, or still is, dating a married man, Lisa said on Watch What Happens Live that she doesn’t know. Lisa further pointed out that the identity of Lala’s boyfriend is really none of her business.

“And I don’t ever know who Lala was dating and if he’s married or not. And as an employer, it’s really not my business as long as the married man she’s sleeping with isn’t my husband, then what’s it got to do with me?”

The big question now is whether viewers will see Lala on the season 5 reunion show. On Tuesday, Lala shared that she’s heading to New York City to film a commercial.

The reunion show filming, which typically happens at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR in West Hollywood, may be happening this Friday. On Monday, Ariana Madix shared that she’s shopping for a dress to wear to the reunion show.

On Tuesday, Jax Taylor tweeted that he’s anxious to see whether certain people show up on Friday, which may be a reference to the upcoming Vanderpump Rules reunion show filming. In response to Jax’s tweet, several people guessed that he was talking about Lala Kent’s possible presence at the reunion show filming.

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