WWE Rumors Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart

WWE Rumors: Jimmy Hart Talks Hulk Hogan’s Racism, Would WWE Forgive Him?

Amidst WWE rumors that Hulk Hogan could be on his way back to the company, one of “The Hulkster’s” longest and most-trusted friends took time to lobby on his behalf on the WWE Network.

The famed “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart made a special appearance on Legends with JBL and spoke candidly about his longtime affiliation with the 63-year-old Hogan, noting that Hulk’s true character is one that few will ever truly see or understand.

Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE in 2015 — with most mentions of the 1980’s and 90’s wrestling legend removed from the company’s promotional materials — following the release of a racist videotaped rant during the Gawker Media trial.

At the time, an apologetic Hogan noted that the court-released video had been recorded unknowingly and without his permission, and was filmed during one of the darkest periods of his life.

WWE Rumors Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan [Image by John Pendygraft-Pool/Getty Images]

Hart, in what many construe as an attempt to address WWE rumors that Hulk is back in communication with the company, said the following of the matter, per Wrestling Inc..

“I think what happened on the deal, and like anything else, having a pity party, drinking, his wife left him, ‘poor is me,’ ‘oh whoa is me.’ No excuse. To me, if you really are [racist], you have to let it slip more than one time. I mean, if you’re really a racist, people have got to see it over and over and over and over and over.”

While many would no doubt disagree with the sentiment that racism needs to be continually demonstrated to be proven, most in and around the wrestling industry have been quick to come to Hogan’s defense.

“You do feel a bit let down [by Hulk],” said WWE star Chris Jericho during a 2015 interview with HuffPost Live, “But I know this: Nobody feels more let down than he does. I think he feels very embarrassed and really bad about it.”

WWE Rumors Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho [Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation]

Many insiders, for that reason, hope that WWE rumors of a Hulk Hogan return are true. Jimmy Hart, for example, believes that there is room for forgiveness without ever condoning the legend’s statements.

And after two years, Jimmy is beyond hopeful that 2017 might be a year of redemption for the former 12-time WWE and WCW World Champion.

“We talk every day or every other day,” said Hart, noting that the past few years have been very difficult for his friend. “The devastating thing to Hulk, more than anything, is what happened with his affiliation with here. That’s the thing that has tore him up more than anything.”

While Hart did not comment directly on the WWE rumors regarding his friend, Hart is a huge proponent of Hogan deserving forgiveness and consideration rather than condemnation and further banishment.

This week, Cageside Seats reported that there is a modicum of truth to the rumors of Hulk’s return to WWE, which it called “inevitable.” Unfortunately for Hogan’s fans, there came with this news that caveat that it “won’t be any time soon.”

Still, Hulk Hogan’s fans seem to grow more impatient with each passing day.

Sportskeeda, for example, recently reported that this week’s episode of WWE Raw saw a number of Hulk-related fan signs confiscated from the broadcast, including one that first made it on-air that read “Where’s Hogan?”

Apparently, the WWE rumors regarding Hogan coming home have yet to make their way to Titan Towers.

While Jimmy Hart fully recognizes WWE’s reasons — as a publicly-traded company — for cutting ties with the former headliner, he does believe that there is room for at least some degree of dialogue to now be underway.

“I know what he’s going through,” continued Hart, “but sometimes I feel like I want to say, ‘Hulk, get over it. You’ve had a great career…. WWE still loves you’.”

“They’ve got to move on and do what’s best for business, best for them,” he continued.

Perhaps, if WWE rumors do ultimately prove true, Hulk Hogan may finally be on the path to redemption that most feel would be best for all involved.

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