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Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki Continue To Inspire Fans, Actors Make Huge Donations

Two of today’s most sought after Hallyu stars, Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki, continue to be an inspiration to many by helping out those in need. The two heartthrobs have proven that they are not just all good looks but good-hearted as well.

During the course of their rising career, both Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki never hesitated to give back the blessings they’ve been getting by doing charitable acts including huge amounts of donations.

Lee Min Ho And His Aim To Make A Better World

The Legend Of The Blue Sea star Lee Min Ho is known not only for his charm and impressive acting skills but also for his kindness. Recently, the 29-year-old actor touched the hearts of many when he donated a huge amount of money for a charitable cause.

According to reports, Lee Min Ho wholeheartedly donated a whopping 50 million KRW or about $44,000 for victims of domestic abuse. The NGO Good Neighbors confirmed that the actor donated the said amount through his donation platform PROMIZ. The money will be utilized for Good Neighbors’ campaign called “Making a Warm Winter for Both Body and Heart” which aims to assist families at risk due to poverty as well as children exposed to domestic abuse.

It can be recalled that in 2014, the Heirs actor spearheaded PROMIZ as a donation platform that will help him and his supporters to carry out various charitable efforts. It was reported that every year, the organization introduces new campaigns intended to provide help to those in need.

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Lee Min Ho and PROMIZ also extended their help to those in need of clean water way back March 2016. According to a representative from UNICEF Korea Committee, Lee Min Ho signed a social contribution agreement that aims to supply clean water in different areas. It was reported that he donated 50 million KRW which was then used to acquire 6.25 million decontaminants.

His generosity is also evident overseas. In fact, during his promotional trip to China, Lee Min Ho donated several personal items to a charity auction which raised over $15,000. The amount was donated to Hope Primary School in Guangzhou, China. Lee Min Ho also donated over $90,000 to provide assistance to the victims of the tragic 2015 Nepal earthquake.

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Last year, Lee Min Ho was given recognition for all the good deeds he has done for the society. The Ministry of Health and Welfare awarded the actor during the first annual Sharing Happiness Awards Ceremony on June 21, 2016. Lee Min Ho’s ability to raise awareness and contribution to the culture has landed him the said award. In a statement, Lee Min Ho pointed out that this is his way of repaying all the love he’s been getting from his fans.

“In order to try to repay the great love I receive from many fans all over the world, I have practiced sharing. I will try to continuously be interested in those who need a helping hand and grow as an actor who embraces the world with a warm heart.”


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Song Joong Ki And His Big Heart

Aside from Lee Min Ho, another Korean heartthrob has proven he has a heart of gold. Descendants Of The Sun lead star Song Joong Ki has been getting praises for his good deeds which he has been doing for a long time.

Recently, Song Joong Ki showed his fondness to children when he hosted a pizza party at the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. The volunteer project was spearheaded by Domino’s Pizza, a brand which the actor endorses. Song Joong Ki’s participation in the said charitable event also included a “Hope A Sharing Fund” worth 100 million KRW or about $85,905. The event brought happiness to patients, families, and staff.


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Song Joong Ki, who impressively portrayed the role of Captain Yoo Shi-Jin in Descendants Of The Sun, is not new in doing charitable acts. It can be recalled that last year, the 31-year-old actor secretly donated 20 million KRW or about $18,000 to the Nanum House Comfort Women charity organization. The charity aims to give assistance to victims of sexual slavery during World War II. Despite keeping it a secret, the foundation itself revealed his good act.

The actor also extended his help to the Korean Childhood Leukemia Foundation. He has been helping the said group since 2011. Song Joong Ki’s donation was able to provide treatment to over 10 children diagnosed with cancer.

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Song Joong Ki is also active in helping out victims of natural calamities even overseas. It was reported that the actor coordinated with UNICEF and made a huge donation amounting to 100 million KRW or about $89,000 to the victims of Nepal earthquake. He also gave a portion of his “2016 Asian Tour Fan Meeting” proceeds to the victims of a tragic earthquake in Wenchuan in West Sichuan, China.

To date, Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki are still active in their respective charitable acts and remain generous to those in need.

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