Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez goes solo

Fifth Harmony Break Up? Ally Brooke Hernandez Follows Camila Cabello & Goes Solo

Are Fifth Harmony on the verge of a breakup after Ally Brooke Hernandez’s solo music revelation?

The breakup rumors are once again swirling around the girl band after it was announced that Ally Brooke is venturing out on her own and going solo, just weeks after it was announced that Camila Cabello had left Fifth Harmony.

The latest solo news to rock Fifth Harmony came on February 20 after it was announced that Ally Brooke would actually be performing her own solo concert in Brazil without her bandmates on July 2, shortly after the girls were accused of “falling apart” following Cabello’s departure.

Brazil’s W+ Festival confirmed that Ally will be headlining the Sau Paulo festival in a tweet posted to Twitter, which showed Ally Brooke is top of the bill for the show alongside fellow performers Raissa Chaddad and Sofia Oliveira.

The festival didn’t confirm if Ally Brooke will be performing Fifth Harmony songs as a solo artist, though Ally does have a small catalogue of solo songs from before her time in the band, but sources claimed after the news broke that Hernandez is planning to release her own solo single in Brazil in the coming weeks.

Radio personality Mike Adam hinted that Ally may be gearing up to debut her single at the festival, tweeting out, “Look who’s doing their first ever solo show in Sao Paulo, Brazil… Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony!!! Think she’ll debut an original song!?”

Ally Brooke Hernandex ditches Fifth Harmony to announce solo music plans
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Ally Brooke’s fan account Ally Brooke Online also hinted that she could be gearing up to release a solo single by claiming that the Fifth Harmony star is allegedly planning to release her debut song to coincide with the July festival, claiming Hernandez’s track was written by Phil Bentley, who’s previously written for stars including Christina Aguilera and Jordin Sparks.

Ally has not yet commented on her debut show and what performing solo means for the future of Fifth Harmony, though the big announcement sent fans of the girl band into meltdown mode, claiming that Ally Brooke’s solo news could spell a breakup for the popular girl group.

“Can [Fifth Harmony] just break up already we all tired of them,” @buterastana tweeted out after hearing of Ally Brooke Hernandez’s solo music plans, while @beyfixation wrote on the social media site following Hernandez’s news, “[Fifth Harmony] gonna break up this year, for sure.”

“Fifth Harmony have one more album until they break up. Let’s not kid ourselves,” @maudgenta added amid the Ally Brooke solo revelation.

While Ally, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane Hansen haven’t confirmed if a breakup is on the cards for the girls to pursue solo careers following Ally’s solo bombshell, Hernandez’s venture outside the band comes just weeks after Camila sensationally left the girl band, and just days after she seemingly confirmed that there’s still bad blood within the group over her solo venture.

Ally Brooke Hernandez follows Camila Cabello's lead & goes solo
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Cabello confirmed that she no longer speaks to her former Fifth Harmony bandmates in a new interview with Billboard, telling the publication that she hasn’t spoken to Ally Brooke, Normani, Lauren or Dinah since she left Fifth Harmony in December.

When asked if she’d spoken to the girls in the months that have passed since her departure from the Fifth Harmony was announced, Camila simply replied “No” and seemingly confirmed that she and her former bandmates aren’t exactly on the best terms right now.

“I don’t want to get into the details of that,” Cabello said when asked where she stands with Ally Brooke and her fellow bandmates today, “because it was really intense and it’s hard for me to talk about.”

Just days before Ally Brooke’s solo plans were revealed, Cabello also told the magazine during one of her first cover features post-Fifth Harmony that being on bad terms with Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally actually “makes [her] sad.”

“I hoped that it would be a peaceful turning of the page and we would root for each other,” Cabello continued of her apparent feud with her former bandmates prior to Ally Brooke’s solo plans hitting the headlines this week, but admitted, “I only got love for them.”

Do you think Ally Brooke’s solo music ventures spell a breakup for Fifth Harmony?

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