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49 Million In Poverty: Poor Americans Reach Record Numbers

US Poverty

There are 49 million in poverty spread across the United States, according to The Detroit News. The findings were reportedly based on a new consensus measure that takes things like work-related expenses and medical costs into consideration.

Based on the new formula devised by the Census Bureau, over 49.7 million people were living below the poverty line in 2010. This number is much higher than the government’s official record-breaking figure released in September. Based on the old formula, officials found 46.2 million people are considered to be impoverished in the US.

“We’re seeing a very slow recovery, with increases in poverty among workers due to more new jobs which are low-wage,” explained University of Wisconsin-Madison economist Timothy Smeeding. “As a whole, the safety net is holding many people up, while California is struggling more because it’s relatively harder there to qualify for food stamps and other benefits.”

The Daily Mail explains that 16 percent of the United States citizens are presently living in poverty. In fact, some states such as California found themselves rising to the top of the impoverished list despite the large number of wealthy folks who called these places home.

According to the report, poverty seemed to affect individuals aged 65 and older the most. Were it not for Social Security Payments, the poverty rate for this age group would have risen to 51.4 percent. Overall, the country’s rate would jump from 16 percent to 24.4 percent.

Arloc Sherman, senior researcher at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, believes the expiration of such programs as the Earned Income Tax Credit could dramatically increase the number of poor people living in America.

“These figures are timely given the looming expiration of two key measures that account for part of these programs’ large antipoverty impact: federal emergency unemployment insurance and improvements in refundable tax credits,” Sherman said. “Letting these measures expire at year’s end could push large numbers of families into poverty.”

Is 49 million in poverty an acceptable number? Should the government be doing more to help those who are considered poor?

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9 Responses to “49 Million In Poverty: Poor Americans Reach Record Numbers”

  1. Phil Summersgill

    Be happy that's all that's in poverty at this time- the worse is yet to come. Please plan ahead as much as you can- although I know much of it is out of our hands. We are all pawns in the hands of politicians who are unable to learn from history oror the failures of other countries. This is not a fatalistic viewpoint- just a realistic one.

  2. Kirk Adams

    When they approve amnesty you can add another 20 million to the 49 million on poverty. We are well on our way to an uneducated labor workforce. Problem is most of those jobs are now in South America or Asia. Welfare and medical care will soon bankrupt this economy. Our chilrden and grandchildren will pay the price as Greece is doing now,

  3. Kevin A Barry

    Is an acceptable number? depends on how many more voters the Democrats need to win the next election.

  4. Kevin Hannaford

    and they will remain so for at least the next 4 years, along with millions of newcomers to the roles….. and then they will vote democratic again and again,,,,, there is no know cure for stupidity……

  5. Kevin A Barry

    Kev, it's getting to be that time, that we all hoped would not come.

  6. Anne Shelly

    People are idiots. So the best way to help the poor is to not help them huh? They talk about almost 50 million people being poor and people start saying that social programs is causing it and our country will be uneducated. If America had been more invested in hedlping th poor and less invested in letting rich scumbags do what they wanted we wouldn't be in this mess. If government officials actually cared about the people and not how much they can pocket we wouldn't be in this mess. And you people do realize that there are many many people with degrees that do not have jobs or work for low wages and are therefore impoverished right? You can't possibly think that that 49.7 million don't include the thousands of college grads graduating with no job and no way out. You do realize that when people with degrees lose their jobs and run out of unemployment will probably need to rely on social programs to survive, don't you? You do realize that these are human beings we are talking about, right? You people think you are so smart but what our current economic climate and the loss of the middle class is showing us is that economics is a trickle up thing not a trickle down thing. If the rich hurt the middle class and poor to become richer, they will become richer and the middle class will get poor and the poor, poorer. If the poor keeps getting poorer and poorer and noone buys anything the entire economy will collapse including that of the rich. It is a trickle up effect. You people keep being stupid and the rich keep being a-holes and watch what happens. They will be worse off than the poor because the poor know how to handle being poor but you will have to come to our neighborhoods and we'll see if we want to make room for you buffoons.

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