WWE News: Roman Reigns Heading Towards Huge 'WrestleMania' Obstacle

WWE News: Roman Reigns Heading Toward Huge ‘WrestleMania’ Obstacle

When Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman face off at Fastlane, the former Shield member might finally get some fans on his side after years of boos. If the rumored “big finish” to the match occurs, it might go a long way to start repairing the reputation of Roman Reigns. However, as Bleacher Report mentioned, the Undertaker’s shadow looms huge over the entire match and the future of Roman Reigns.

The fact is that many fans who once cheered the muscle of The Shield turned on Roman when they realized that the WWE chose him over their beloved underdog, Daniel Bryan. In the Royal Rumble, fans cheered for Reigns when it came down to him and Batista, but the next year they booed him because the WWE teased them with Daniel Bryan once again.

Roman Reigns popularity died that day. The fact that a lot of kids and female fans still cheer for the big man has kept him a face in the eyes of the WWE brass. However, the boos are getting louder and even evil heels like Rusev were cheered over him in matches. Braun Strowman will likely hear cheers as well, despite months of destroying beloved fan faces.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Heading Towards Huge 'WrestleMania' Obstacle
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One way to get Roman Reigns back over somewhat is to have him pull off a huge stunt at Fastlane. The fact that Braun Strowman can do so much more than the WWE has allowed so far is backstage knowledge. If they pull the trigger, Roman Reigns has proven over the years that he will do anything the WWE asks him regardless of the levels of pain.

Despite this, and even if fans go nuts over whatever the WWE has planned for Fastlane, there is no way that anyone cheers for Roman Reigns over the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. The Undertaker won’t go heel at this point in his career, and even if he did, the fans would not care.

If this is the Undertaker’s final WrestleMania, and he retires as expected, a Roman Reigns win would make him the most hated man in the WWE. Even if Undertaker puts over Roman Reigns and gives him an endorsement, it likely wouldn’t matter. When The Rock put over Roman Reigns after his Royal Rumble win, fans even booed The Rock.

The word has already come that the WWE wants to put over both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman in their match and the only way to do that is either with a huge move that fans will talk about for months, or with a no-finish because they can’t beat each other.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Heading Towards Huge 'WrestleMania' Obstacle
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There is also the problem that there are only a few weeks between Fastlane and WrestleMania to set up a Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker match. The idea for the match started at the Royal Rumble when Reigns eliminated Undertaker, and stated it was his yard now. However, in 2016, the Wyatt Family eliminated Brock Lesnar, setting up a possible match that never happened.

Fox Sports reported that there was always the chance that the WWE could turn Roman Reigns heel for the match and that would open up a new exciting storyline for 2017. However, they have been reluctant to turn him the last two years.


There was also rumors of Braun Strowman fighting Undertaker and that brings up an interesting idea. What if Undertaker fought Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns in a triple-threat match?

That would allow Undertaker to take it easy, especially considering his recent injury woes, and then put over Reigns by having him beat Strowman instead of Undertaker in the match. There are plenty of possibilities, and for once, the WWE isn’t showing all their cards early.

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