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Kourtney Kardashian Over Scott Disick Amid Justin Bieber ‘KUWTK’ Dating Reports

Kourtney Kardashian is completely over Scott Disick, it has been alleged.

The reality star has gotten sick and tired of trying to get the father of her three children to stay on the right path, having struggled with an alleged alcohol and substance abuse problem in recent years.

His struggle to remain sober has often led Scott to make questionable choices in his life, such as allegedly choosing to party with friends over spending time with his family.

And while Kourtney Kardashian is aware that her ex-boyfriend still wants to make it work between the two, she’s unwilling to put herself through the stress of being tied down in a romance with someone as chaotic as Scott.

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It was rumored that the duo reconciled in December, but those plans quickly fell through when the 37-year-old realized that Scott’s lack of interest in choosing parenthood over clubbing isn’t something she was going to condone if they were going to be a couple again.

And while Kourtney Kardashian has tried to remain on good terms with her ex-boyfriend, considering the fact that he’s still the father of her children, she simply can’t put up with the disrespect from the socialite.

Earlier this year, when the Kardashians flew out to Costa Rica for a brief vacation, Scott made the decision to have a female friend accompany him on the trip, secretly keeping her at a nearby hotel to where Kourtney was staying with the kids.

Once producers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians informed the family about the mysterious woman, Kourtney quickly realized that even when she tries to invite Scott on getaway trips with his children, he still manages to ruin what could’ve been a fun vacation.

Instead of apologizing, Scott ended up flying to Miami where he would be seen partying with his close friends before inviting his female friends back to his hotel, TMZ claims.

At this given point, Kourtney Kardashian is done with Disick, Hollywood Life reveals. She’s tired of trying to help Scott be a better person, and while she would have tried endlessly to change the 33-year-old’s ways, it gets to a point where it becomes repetitive and pointless.

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A source for the outlet explains that Kourtney Kardashian has tried her best to make Scott more of a family man,while attempting to get him away from the club scene, but it seems as if her plans have continuously failed — and now, Kourt has given up on even trying anymore.

“She’s telling everyone that she is finally done with Scott, for good, and she’s vowing that won’t take him back again,” an insider gushed. “Kourtney’s just sick of his non-stop bullsh*t, womanizing, and partying and feels she’s ready to finally turn her back on him once and for all.”

“Everyone has heard it all before, numerous times, but she actually seems like she truly means it this time. It’s taken Kourtney ages to get to this stage, but it seems she is finally, genuinely over Scott. She’s determined to keep a good relationship with him, and she says he will always be a part of the family — as well as the father of their kids obviously, but Kourtney’s done with obsessing over what he’s doing with who, and dreaming about getting him back.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s family is reportedly backing her decision to distance herself from Scott. He will still be able to visit the children whenever he wants, but in terms of being invited on vacations or even getting to spend time with his ex-girlfriend won’t be happening anymore.

Kourtney feels betrayed. She has accepted the fact that her relationship with Scott is over, but it doesn’t cost anything to show some decency and respect — something which she has yet to see from her ex-boyfriend.

It’s said that the on-again, off-again couple’s drama will be played on forthcoming episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which returns March 5 on the E! network.

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian is making the right move by giving up on her ex-boyfriend completely?

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