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Angelina Jolie ‘Hates Brad Pitt’: Her Plans To Win Custody Of Children Revealed

Angelina Jolie will never be able to get on good terms with Brad Pitt, it has been alleged.

The actress, who filed for divorce back in September, reportedly hasn’t spoken with her soon-to-be ex-husband since she abruptly moved out of their Los Angeles home, with all six children by her side.

The divorce completely blindsided Brad, and while he was said to have accepted the fact that Jolie wanted out of their marriage, the actor was not going to put up with the smear campaign that his wife had put out to the media, IBTimes reports.

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According to Brad’s reps, Angelina Jolie had attempted to portray the father of her children as an abusive and irresponsible father, who allegedly got into a physical altercation with their son, Maddox, on a private jet — which Angie’s team says was the sole reason for Jolie’s decision to divorce the actor.

Pitt has firmly denied those claims, and while he’s fully aware that Angelina Jolie has continued her attempts to portray him in a negative way while fighting for full custody, Brad is unwilling to let the woman he once considered the love of his life win this nasty fight.

According to Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie absolutely can’t stand Brad — she’s tried to make it seem as if she and Pitt are getting along, but faking the niceness around her children is becoming harder as the divorce and custody court dates near.

Angelina has made it perfectly clear that she allegedly doesn’t want her soon-to-be ex-husband to have any sort of custody of their six children. She would only be willing to grant the A-list star visitation rights on the days she feels it would be most appropriate, supposedly using her PR team to print stories on Pitt’s alleged addiction to marijuana and alcohol as a reason why he can’t be trusted around minors.

Again, while Pitt has strongly denied those claims, Angelina Jolie is firmly sticking to her story — she knows that the children are better off with her, and if she chooses to fight for full custody, then that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

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The only problem in doing so is that Angelina hasn’t been able to gather enough evidence to prove her case in court, making it evidently harder for her to win such a big case, especially when knowing that Brad has hired the best attorneys in Hollywood to end this battle once and for all.

“Angelina is still spitting mad at Brad, and she doesn’t show any signs of softening towards him any time soon,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “They may be playing nice for the public right now, but that’s only because their people have advised them to. They’re not even able to fake pleasantries for the sake of the kids.”

“Angelina truly believes she is the wounded and innocent party and she isn’t likely to back down from that viewpoint. To say they loathe each other would be a understatement.”

It’s been alleged that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce will cost the former couple close to $10 million, with their biggest battle being surrounded by the custody drama. Jolie is determined to prove that the children are better off living with her, as she tries to pile up enough evidence to show that Brad is an unfit parent.

As mentioned, Angelina Jolie has no plans to get back on good terms with Brad in the near future — not even for the sake of their children. As the court dates near, all that Angelina wants to focus her attention on is having the divorce finalized, winning full custody, and moving on with her life.

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