Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery: Teen Girl Found Dead In Middle Of Street Near Houston Apartments

A teen girl was found dead in the middle of the street early Thursday morning near a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, ABC 13 reports.

At around 7:15 a.m. on February 16, a man, who has not been named, driving his daughters to school pulled over when he noticed a girl lying unconscious on the ground near an apartment complex in the 9900 block of Sharpcrest in Chinatown.

Initially, the father thought the girl may have been involved in a car accident and wanted to help her but when he got a closer look, he realized that she may have been murdered.

The victim, who police officials believe is a Hispanic girl, was found with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police say she could possibly be 17-years-old.

“This man is literally taking his children to school, rolls across her, gets out, takes a look, and realized it’s not what he thought it appeared to be,” Detective Fil Waters with the Houston Police Department’s homicide division said.

“We are really at the beginning of this investigation. We want to get her identified.”

Emergency medical services were immediately called to the scene, but there was nothing they could do to save the teen girl who appeared to have been shot multiple times.

The girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

The teen’s identity has not been determined, but police are working diligently to uncover where the teen is from and why she was murdered.

Police searched the area where the body was found but it was not immediately made clear if there was any evidence collected that would lead to the teen’s killer.

An eyewitness came forward and told police officials that they recall hearing the sound of a gunshot around 5 a.m. earlier that day.

However, investigators believe that the teen may not have been shot where her body was found. They believe she may have been murdered at another location before the killer or killers dumped her body in the middle of the street for a local resident to find her.

Xavier Holmes lives in the southwest Houston neighborhood and stated the reason he moved to the area was because he thought it was safe. He was stunned after learning a teen was fatally shot in the chest and the killer dumped her body in the middle of the street before fleeing the scene.

Holmes stated that “this makes me concerned for my girlfriend more than myself. I’ve had my car broken into, but that’s nothing compared to this. We may need to get up out of here if they can’t solve or stop this.”

The girl’s death shocked the community, including social media users who stated that this is one of many reasons why street cameras are much needed. If they were installed, then the circumstances leading up to the teen’s murder would have been captured on camera.

Teen fatally shot
Teen found dead in the middle of the street was shot multiple times. [Image By Marccophoto/iStock]

There were even speculations that she may have been a victim of sex trafficking who was trying to escape but was fatally shot; however, police officials won’t know for certain what happened to the teen until a comprehensive investigation.

“Prayers to this child’s family!! I would be shocked but the way society is this has become the new normal. God help us! The sad part is the value of life has become not important to the younger generation,” one Facebook user said.

Several people believed that the teen could possibly be a missing Baytown teen, but it was reported that Vanessa Macias, 17, was found safe a week after she was last seen near Robert E. Lee High School.

If anyone has information regarding the body found in the middle of the street, you are urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

An investigation is ongoing.

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