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Amy Duggar King Says She Was Abused As A Child, Reveals Abuser’s Name

Amy Duggar King revealed in a recent episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars the identity of her alleged abuser. The show producers included a frightening moment in the series teaser in which Amy King seemingly reveals that she was abused by a member of her family that lead to her being picked up by her throat. However, the teaser did not reveal the alleged perpetrator’s name which left many fans questioning if Amy’s husband Dillon King may be abusive. The rumors were put to rest on Friday when the Amy detailed the full account of the abuse and the perpetrator’s name.

People Magazine reveals that the recently married Duggar cousin Amy King made an unexpected claim on the reality television series during a therapy session. During the group session, Amy recounted an incident in her childhood in which she claims her father picked her up by the throat and lifted her into the air over an altercation regarding her teeth. The reality star detailed the traumatic event for the group.

“My dad was like, ‘Amy, did you brush your teeth?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah daddy.’ And he was like, ‘No you didn’t.’ And he picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling. He was like, ‘You will brush your teeth,’ And I was scared s—less.”

While many had been waiting for the reveal of the abuser’s name, the episode also went into further frightening detail about Amy’s childhood. The reality star noted that abuse was common in her home and that she frequently saw things “flown in the air” and was “called every name in the book.” She even says her father once tried to run her over with a car.

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The counselors on the show noted that Amy has a strong coping mechanism that she utilizes to overcome the childhood trauma and that is why she pretends that everything is always happy in her world.

“Amy’s coping mechanism is to pretend that everything is always happy in her world. It’s how she blocks out the trauma she faced in her childhood.”

Amy King says that she had no intention of calling out her father like that on television but says it just slipped out. However, she says it was for the better as she has now forgiven her father for his actions and is healing from the incident that she had buried for so long.

“It was a very heartfelt moment where I actually forgave that person who hurt me when I was younger. I love the person very much and we’re better now. But I did need to heal from that.”

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Prior to the reveal that the incident was between Amy and her father, many fans feared for the Duggar cousin’s life believing that her new husband Dillon King may have been behind the abuse. Following the airing of the Marriage Bootcamp teaser, fans took to social media to tell Amy to “run” from Dillon and to send hate mail to Dillon himself. Though Amy was leaving the name of the abuser until the official episode aired, she did take to twitter to announce that Dillon King had never abused her and that the splice of the teaser was misleading.

“The story I was describing in the Marriage Bootcamp teaser does not involve Dillon in any way. #Ilovemyhusband.”

What do you think about the revelation that Amy Duggar King was abused as a child by her father? With the reveal that the abuse was more than just one incident, do you think Amy will need counseling beyond Marriage Bootcamp to properly heal?

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