Academy Awards Brace For Political Activism During Oscar Speeches

Academy Awards Brace For Political Activism During Oscar Speeches

The Academy Awards, among many other awards shows, has a history of providing a platform to Oscar recipients for their political and social activism. Those issues that run the gambit for the main stage at the Oscars includes the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, gender equality, LGBT rights and many other issues, which liberals have typically been a champion of those that have been addressed.

But this year, following the inauguration of controversial republican candidate Donald Trump to the office of the presidency, there are so many more issues that Oscar winners will likely address at the Academy Awards, which will air live on ABC, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

With all that has been happening in the news about domestic issues including a Muslim ban, controversial ties to Russia by the Trump administration, the go ahead given for the DAPL despite protests over the pipeline by Native Americans who have sought grievances with the U.S. government and won during the Obama administration, racially motivated attacks, fake news, and the many other situations that have made headlines in the past 45 days will no doubt make their way to the Oscars main stage during the Academy Awards this year.

Before we take a look at what will likely be addressed by some big name stars that will walk the red carpet or across that magnificent stage to collect an Oscar, people on both sides of the aisle also need to consider the commercial impact that it may have on the Academy Awards.

First of all, ABC has already sold out of its entire inventory for the broadcast of the 89th Annual Academy Awards Oscars event. That is very impressive considering that each 30 second commercial during the Academy Awards has gone for an average of about $2 million. Last year’s average cost of the same commercial spots for the Academy Awards was about $1.79 million. That’s also despite the fact that many advertisers could be heavily affected by the activism that takes place on the main stage at the annual Oscars event that some consider to be the most prestigious awards show in the world for the performing arts.

There was also a bit of controversy last year when the Academy nominated a majority of white actors and actresses to compete for the Oscar in each category, leading to social media hashtags of #OscarsSoWhite. This year, the Academy has presented a much more diverse slate for the annual awards show and people of color and other ethnicities have been nominated, leaving the Academy Awards a much more culturally active display of Oscar-worthy performances by stars of major films and independent cinema.

But if there is one thing that major stars in Hollywood have united on, it’s that Donald Trump is not fit for the office of the presidency and fans can expect stars who accept their Oscars to make some sort of speech that will directly address the many controversial actions that Donald Trump has taken lately, which includes citing fake terrorism events that never took place. That could also include White House press personalities like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer for their many blunders in media interviews as well.

Fans of the Academy Awards can expect certain topics of discussion to be addressed that includes the Muslim ban, the deregulation of the coal mining industry, the repeal of Obamacare, the cut backs on Medicare and Medicaid, the cuts to social security that have been promised by the republican establishment and the appointment of controversial cabinet members like Rex Tillerson, Betsy Devos, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn. To be honest, this year on the Academy Awards, the sky truly is the limit as to how much each individual performer might bring to the main stage at the Oscars.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards will air on ABC next Sunday, on February 26.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]