Missing toddler found by police

Amazing Moment Toddler Missing For 6 Hours Is Found By Police Dog [Video]

The amazing moment that a Portland canine unit found a missing Oregon toddler was caught on tape. A police helicopter was circling and taping the scene below as police scoured the area around a Northeast Portland home in search of a 2-year-old little boy that had been missing for six hours. The video captured that heartwarming scene as police scooped the frightened child from a blackberry bush where he had become entangled the night before.

The Daily Mail reports that a t2-year-old little boy, River Schomaker, was reported missing by his distraught parents at approximately 6:00 a.m. when the child’s mother found that the toddler was no longer in his bed. The family believes that child had exited the home through a ground level door that was accidentally left unlocked.

The police immediately began searching for the child and called in a canine unit to sniff out the child. After six hours of searching, police and the child’s parents were relieved when the little boy was found stuck in a blackberry bush two blocks from his family’s condominium. The amazing moment that the child was plucked to safety was captured on video by a police helicopter and shows two police officers untangling and freeing the frightened little boy from the bushes.

Portland Police Sgt. Jeff Helfrich says that River Schomaker was cold and shivering when the police found him. The toddler needed treatment for minor scratches and cold exposure, but Helfrich says the situation could have been much worse.

“It brought a tear to my eye because he was alive, we found him, that’s a very big deal to find a child alive like that, because the more these go on, the more things can take different turns.”

It was also reported that River’s parents were overwhelmed with joy and relief when they heard the news that their son had been found. Helfrich says no charges have been filed in the case and it appears to be an accident involving a mischievous child. However, due to state procedure, the police officer says that a report was filed with the Oregon Department of Human Services.

River’s father Aaron Schomaker expressed his gratitude for the Portland police force in a joint public statement with River’s mother Hollian Markusen. It was revealed that Aaron had returned home from work at around 5:00 a.m. from his bartending job and had quickly gone to bed. However, he said just an hour later he was woken by the screams of Hollian who had discovered River was not in his bed.

The distraught mother looked for the child and immediately called the police for help. Shomaker revealed that he believed the child may have exited a ground level door after it was left unlocked. He informed police that the family would immediately be installing childproof door locks to prevent another incident.

Helfrich says that the incident is a great reminder to all parents about the importance of child-proof locks, especially if you have an adventurous child in the home.

“This is a great reminder for all parents. Make sure you have child safety locks on your doors and if you have adventurous kids, make sure you take care of those.”

River Shomaker was released from the hospital at approximately 7:00 p.m. after being fully treated for the cold exposure he experienced. River is now back home with his parents.

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