Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Restricting Visitation Rights With Baby Dream?

Rob Kardashian is having a hard time accepting the fact that his relationship with Blac Chyna has come to an end, but to make matters worse, it’s now affecting his bond with his baby daughter, Dream, it’s been claimed.

The 29-year-old, who is actively battling depression, diabetes, and social anxiety, is reportedly only willing to leave his home in Hidden Hills when Blac grants him permission to visit Dream at her home in Encino, California.

According to Hollywood Life, however, the visitation rights, as they currently stand, are going to be somewhat tricky for Rob — not only because he hates leaving his home, but also because of the fact that his relationship with Chyna hasn’t exactly ended on good terms.

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Reports claim that Blac fell out of love with Rob: the endless cheating accusations and Rob Kardashian’s severe insecurities made it seem as if Chyna was babysitting the sock designer more than anything, and after months of trying to keep it together, there was no going back, People reveals.

Rob Kardashian has struggled to accept the fact that Blac will not be getting back with him, and it’s no secret that the TV star handles breakups very badly. In December, when he initially announced his split from Blac, Rob Kardashian sobbed in a series of Snapchat videos, confirming that Chyna had walked out on him and taken the baby with her.

Rob Kardashian was an emotional wreck who pleaded through social media, trying to convince Blac that he was going to change his ways and be the best possible fiance one can only dream of. Turns out that those promises were never fulfilled.

“Rob has spent very little time with Blac. He drives himself over, from his place in Hidden Hills, to visit baby Dream at Blac’s home, in nearby Encino, 2-3 times a week,” a source reported.

“The visits are the only times Rob leaves his own gated community. He is taking the breakup hard and it has been a challenge for him to do much else or to socialize with his friends or family. He has been keeping to himself and often stays at home.”

It’s hard for Rob Kardashian to accept the outcome that has now resulted, but it doesn’t seem as if Blac will change her mind regarding her relationship status with the reality star. She still supports Rob, but she just doesn’t see herself as his fiance — he has severe issues to deal with before he can even try and commit himself to a full-on romance.

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It’s doubtful that Blac Chyna will make Rob Kardashian’s life even more difficult by limiting his visitation rights to see his daughter, especially since his diabetes battle is beginning to kick in again. Blac wants Rob happy and healthy, but right now, he’s far from that, and while he’s not a danger to Dream, he’s also not a very good role model either.

The only thing Chyna can ask of from Rob right now is to better himself, not for the sake of potentially reconciling with the 28-year-old, but more so for the sake of receiving continued rights to spend time with Dream. This is mainly because if things don’t better themselves, Blac will have no choice but to cut down Rob Kardashian’s visitation rights.

It’s also being claimed that the second season of Rob & Chyna has been canceled. While production was already underway, the E! Network allegedly sees no reason to continue with the show now that the couple is no longer together.

What do you make of Rob Kardashian and how he’s handled the split with Blac Chyna so far?

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