Chrissy Metz talks working with Josh Stancil

Chrissy Metz of ‘This Is Us’ Dishes On Reality Of Working With Boyfriend Josh

Things have been going quite well for This is Us beauty Chrissy Metz. Chrissy has a successful television drama and a loving boyfriend all on one set. Fans have known Metz had a man in her life, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that Chrissy revealed his identity to the world. Now that Chrissy and This is Us cameraman Josh Stancil have gone public, Metz is dishing on what it’s like working on set with her boyfriend.

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People shared Chrissy’s thoughts from a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show where she talked about what it’s like to film intimate scenes with Josh nearby watching. Chrissy is obviously going to have kissing scenes on the show since she is engaged. Chrissy’s character, Kate Pearson, is engaged to Toby, played by Chris Sullivan.

Metz says at first she was worried that it would be really awkward for Josh to see her kissing Chris. While Josh is tolerant and knows it is her job Metz admits it is not his favorite scenes to watch. Chrissy said this.

“Initially, I was like, ‘This is gonna be weird,’ and then he was fine with it. Then there was a really big kissing scene Chris and I did and he was like, ‘I didn’t like that.’ He’s like, ‘Truth be told…that wasn’t my favorite thing’ and I’m like, ‘Well…’ and he was like, ‘And why did she have you kiss him 12 times?’ And I was like, ‘We just had to get the right shot.’ So it’s not his favorite thing.”

Since coming out with Josh in public near the end of January, Chrissy has been more vocal about how the two met. Metz says she was the one to make the first move. She says she approached him while he was eating and told him to slow down so he didn’t choke on his food. Josh laughed and the two began talking. Chrissy admits their chemistry was almost instant.

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Chrissy says Josh is very mature and they are in a very healthy relationship. Us Weekly shared Metz’ thoughts on her relationship of five months. Chrissy said, “I am very happy. I’ve always had really amazing men in my life, and I’m really grateful for that. I think it just enriches our lives to share our love, so it’s awesome.”

Before going public with her boyfriend’s identity, Chrissy had gushed about how amazing he is. Metz said how supportive and encouraging he was and admits that is all she could hope for. Chrissy says the reason behind keeping him out of the spotlight for a while was to protect him and allow him privacy. Chrissy wanted to ease him into the spotlight so to speak. Fans could not be happier for Chrissy and Josh and are cheering for them to make it last.

Aside from gushing about her off-screen love, Chrissy has also been defending her on-screen love in recent days. Entertainment Tonight shared Chrissy’s thoughts on fans criticizing Chris Sullivan for wearing a fat suit to play his role as Toby. Chrissy said the following.

“I just feel that we tested a lot of people that were bigger — and I get it, the authenticity is kind of ruined by that — but Chris has been heavier, and I think he does understand the plight of being overweight. Also, he was the best man for the job, and people wear prosthetics all the time. This just happened to be weight as opposed to, like, a nose or a chin.”

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Chrissy continues to amaze fans with her incredible acting skills as she plays Kate, but also with her positive outlook and love for life. Metz has been down on herself in the past, but Chrissy has learned to be comfortable with who she is and if she loses weight she says it will be for the right reasons.

Season 1 of This is Us will be wrapping up in a few short weeks with no doubt another tear jerker episode. The good news is that This is Us will be back for at least two more seasons. Don’t miss seeing Chrissy Metz along with her amazing, talented co-stars when This is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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