Suzy x Park Won in 'Don't Wait for Your Love'

Suzy X Park Won: Korean Singers Team Up For ‘Don’t Wait For Your Love’ Duet

Update 02/20/17 — Suzy and Park Won released two more teaser images for their upcoming collaboration duet “Don’t Wait for Your Love.” They are close-up images of the two musicians from the first teaser image released just yesterday, as reported by AllKpop.

Dont Wait for Your Love -- Suzy
The second teaser image of Suzy for ‘Don’t Wait for Your Love’ is a close-up of her from the first teaser image. [Image by JYP Entertainment/Suzy’s Official Daum Cafe]
Dont Wait for Your Love -- Park Won
The second teaser image of Park Won for ‘Don’t Wait for Your Love’ is a close-up of him from the first teaser image. [Image by JYP Entertainment/Suzy’s Official Daum Cafe]

Original Article 02/19/17 — Over the past couple of years, Bae Su Ji — better known by her stage name Bae Suzy or simply Suzy — has made a name for herself as a highly sought out singer-actor in Hallyu. Despite most of the media targeting her relationship with Lee Min Ho in gossip rags and many K-drama fans criticizing her acting, Suzy is still highly sought out in Korean entertainment in general.

Using 2016 as an example, Bae Suzy made two impacts, one in K-pop and one in K-dramas. The first is her duet with Baekhyun of EXO titled “Dream.” The collaboration between the JYP and SM Entertainment artists achieved the first Certified All-Kill of the year meaning it was number one on all real time and all daily charts. Second is her K-drama Uncontrollably Fond opposite Kim Woo Bin. Despite the K-drama delivering under expectations for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), it was still a huge hit in China despite their Hallyu ban at the time.

'Uncontrollably Fond' Starring Kim Woo Bin and Suzy
‘Uncontrollably Fond,’ a KBS K-drama starring Kim Woo Bin and Suzy, was overly hyped last year but delivered under expectations. It was still popular in China though. [Image by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)]

Now Bae Suzy is ready to make 2017 a successful year too and she is doing it the same way she did it for 2016: K-pop duet. The miss A K-pop idol will be collaborating with Park Won to perform a duet together titled “Don’t Wait for Your Love.”

The news of Bae Suzy and Park Won collaborating together for an upcoming duet was first made known just three days ago, as reported by Soompi. In a post on her official Instagram, Suzy posted a picture of herself with Won in the studio. In it, they are smiling next to each other while Suzy holds Won’s album 1/24 which features the song “Try.” In the caption area of the post in Hangul, Suzy wrote, “What do you think? You know even if I don’t tell you right?”

어떨꺼 같아요? 말 안해도 알겠죠? #박원 #수지

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Eventually, MakeUs Entertainment, the entertainment agency and label in which Park Won is signed to, responded on the upcoming collaboration between him and Bae Suzy. A source provided an official statement to the press to confirming it.

“Everything from the recording to the music video was completed in a bright atmosphere. Please look forward to the new harmony Park Won and Suzy will be creating.”

Today, JYP Entertainment put in their confirmation of the collaboration through the release of its first promotions. According to AllKpop, the Suzy x Park Won collaboration is titled “Don’t Wait for Your Love.” The teaser image seems to be set in a beautiful hallway bistro during the daytime. On one side, Bae Suzy wearing a beautiful casual dress and high heels sits cross-legged on a chair. Sitting on the other side, Won is donning an overcoat (a fashion trend that became popular thanks to the popular K-drama Goblin) while playing a guitar.

Suzy x Park Won first promotion for 'Don't Wait for Your Love'
JYP Entertainment released the first promotions for Suzy x Park Won’s collaboration duet titled ‘Don’t Wait for Your Love.’ [Image by JYP Entertainment/Suzy’s Official Daum Cafe]

So far, the above teaser is the latest we have on Suzy x Park Won’s upcoming collaboration duet. What can be reported is that Bae Suzy will deliver as proven from her past collaborations backed by her years being one of the original members (Min came in later technically) of Miss A. As for Won, very little is known on my behalf since he had his start on the Korean indie scene. However, his song “If We Listen To Love” for the My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week OST was very popular. The song really evoked emotions throughout pivotal parts of the K-drama including the end of the 10th and 11th episodes.

“Don’t Wait for Your Love” is set to release on February 28. It says it will release at 12 p.m. KST but that may be a typo since most songs and albums often release at midnight.

[Featured Image by JYP Entertainment/Suzy’s Official Daum Cafe]