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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Olivia Kidnaps Heavily Pregnant Sam Feb. 20-24

Olivia, Julian’s mentally unstable sister, kidnaps a heavily pregnant Sam on General Hospital this week.

In the week of February 20-24, General Hospital will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you are taken on a roller coaster ride of a deranged aunt, Liv, who kidnaps her niece, Sam, who is just about ready to give birth.

Sam’s Intuition Never Fails Her, Why Doesn’t She Trust It?

Sam and Jason are mystified that Ava would have set the car bomb. Perplexed at this unsolved General Hospital mystery, Sam remembers that Ava is not Julian’s only sister. However, Sam quickly banishes the thought of another sister because this other sister was said to have died nearly 30 years ago.

In the meantime, Olivia went ballistic when Julian defies her. She plots her revenge and decides that she will take out her pent-up frustration and anger on his daughter, Sam. Celeb Dirty Laundry also reveals in their General Hospital spoiler that by kidnapping Sam, she hopes that Jason will stop his investigation into the bomb plot.

GH Ned Gives Olivia a Red Rose
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The Kidnapping of Sam — The Deranged Aunt Plots Revenge

Despite Julian’s best efforts to keep his dear ones safe, his half-demented sister Olivia manages to kidnap his daughter, who is very, very pregnant.

How did Olivia get it right to get her hands on her niece? While Sam is investigating the car bomb mystery, she tries to send a message. It is at this fateful moment that Olivia takes the opportunity and kidnaps Sam. Unfortunately, Sam is hurt in the scuffle which puts the baby at risk.

Sam quickly puts the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes that Olivia is Julian’s long-lost sister and that her aunt is most definitely mentally unstable. According to Soap Hub‘s General Hospital spoiler article, Sam decides to keep quiet about her discovery.

“She keeps her knowledge to herself as she prays Jason (Billy Miller) gets there on time. Of course, he is oblivious to what’s happened to his wife, so it can take a while.”

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Jason, however, thinks that his wife is dead and therefore does not that know that she needs his help. He is stricken with grief until he is told that Sam is not dead, but still very much alive. Julian knows that keeping Sam safe is pivotal in Olivia’s end-game because Sam is key in ensuring Julian’s cooperation. Jason is renewed with hope and sets out to find his pregnant wife, determined that he will find her no matter what.

The Kidnapping of Sam- Two For the Price Of One?

In typical General Hospital style, Sam does not give birth in a hospital. The stress of the kidnapping and all the events surrounding are all too much for Sam to handle and she goes into premature labor. The good news is that Sam gives birth to her and Jason’s second child.

Of course, if you can recall, Sam’s firstborn died during childbirth. So what crisis can General Hospital create to top the former? You guessed it. The General Hospital spoiler post on Soap Hub says Sam and Jason face a trying time ahead.

“Who wants to guess somehow Sam will give birth in very unconventional circumstances and then have a lunatic take off with her baby? There’s no way this can go the way she planned.”

Not only this, but after giving birth Sam’s very life is on the line. But Sam isn’t the only one in crisis, Jason who was over the moon at the birth of their child can’t deal with the new turn of events

Can Sam and Jason get through this together? What about their baby? Stay updated with our General Hospital spoilers.

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