'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay talks what she wants

‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay On What Went Wrong With Nick, What She Wants

Rachel Lindsay has a lot going for her right now. Things may not have worked out with Nick Viall on The Bachelor, but now she is getting her own journey in hopes of finding the man of her dreams. Rachel was announced as the 2017 Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, which left some fans outraged that ABC chose to spoil part of Nick’s journey. The announcement came even before Rachel was eliminated by Nick. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Lindsay is speaking out about what went wrong with Viall and what kind of man she is hoping to find.

People caught up with Rachel to get her thoughts on what happened with Nick. Lindsay says she was very skeptical of the process at first. Rachel says she can usually feel a connection with someone from the beginning and it was no different with Nick. She says there was an energy between them and she did like him early on. Viall obviously felt the same way. Rachel was given the first impression rose and she and Nick’s relationship continued to develop.

Bachelor Nation doesn't know how it all goes down yet, but as you'll surely see saying goodbye to Rachel was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. I have met very few people who possess as much beauty, grace, and charisma as Rachel and after hearing that she'll be the next Bachelorette I couldn't be more excited. Bachelor Nation is so lucky to have her but not as lucky as the group of men who will have a chance at winning her heart. No one is better prepared to show Bachelor Nation, and the world, the beauty of embracing diversity. Good luck Rachel, not that you'll be needing it. I'm so proud and happy for you, I'm honored to be able to call you a friend. I can't wait to watch your journey!! #thebachelor #thebachelorette

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As Nick and Rachel’s relationship continued without any altercation, Lindsay says ultimately he was just looking for something else. Rachel says when the time came that she was sent home she was shocked. Lindsay admits she wasn’t expecting it and at the time did still think she could have ended up with Nick’s final rose. She says she was heartbroken, but has since moved on. Rachel said following about her relationship with Viall.

“Time heals all. Since then, I’ve been able to get back into work and be with family and friends, I’ve moved on from it. My biggest thing is, I just want Nick to be happy. If he’s found that with someone else, then that makes me happy too.”

Even though things went south with Nick, the future is looking bright for Rachel. She will begin filming her own journey as The Bachelorette soon and People is sharing exactly what the Dallas attorney is looking for. Rachel said,

“I’m at a stage in my life where I’m ready for a family, I’m ready to get married. I want a guy who is not afraid of that. I’ve come across that in my past. I’m really at the point where I’m ready for that and going through this season with Nick and being so close, made me realize how much I want it even more.”

Rachel is making Bachelor history, she is the first African American to be cast as lead within the franchise and fans are so excited to see her get her chance. One of her biggest supporters is Nick himself who took to Twitter after the big announcement to share his praise for Rachel. Nick said, “My heart is full of joy for you Rachel. Congrats!! You will be one hell of a Bachelorette!! Beauty & class.. you have it all!! TheBachelor.”

While some fans were disappointed over the timing of the announcement, most are just excited to see Rachel take the lead. Entertainment Tonight shared host Chris Harrison’s explanation on why ABC chose to make the big Bachelorette announcement early. Harrison says they did it because they want to ensure they get the best candidates for Rachel’s season and production will be starting immediately after Nick’s season wraps up. If they had waited they would not have any time to find the best applicants for her journey.

So happy for this moment!!! Thank you so much for the love and support!!!! Can't believe I am the new bachelorette…still feel like I'm dreaming #bachelornation #bachelorette #thankful #blackhistorymonth #historicmoment

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Everyone including Rachel is excited for her to find love. Lindsay summed it all up by saying, “Really one of the things that I took from it that is so important is how much I am ready for this and how much I want this. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do this again — and to be I the driver’s seat! I have my choice! I’m excited for that. It’s a different role.”

Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette will premiere May 22 on ABC.

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