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School Teacher Directs Kids How To Cook, Use Crystal Meth Via Class Handout

A drama teacher in Canada purportedly gave detailed instructions on how to make and inject the drug crystal meth as part of a class assignment.

Delight Greenwich, the mother of a 13-year-old Erin Mills Middle School attendant, relayed her shock about the worksheet that her son’s eighth-grade class was sent home with in order to study for a future acting sketch in the instructor’s class.

“I popped a blood vessel,” the incensed Mississauga, ON parent expressed to the CBC.

“I was in a state of shock. I [was] thinking this cannot be real.”

Ms. Greenwich’s child ultimately explained to his mother that a primary idea for a skit themed around a television show using emotions was vetoed by the drama instructor after students failed to come up with something more definitive.

That was when, according to the student, the educator suggested something more akin to the TV series Breaking Bad, the Golden Globe-winning AMC series that centered on a fictional teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who makes the decision to produce and distribute crystallized methamphetamine, or crystal meth, as a way to pay for medical bills incurred from a dire cancer diagnosis. The show, notorious for its violence and lifelike displays of actual meth abusers, ended its five-season run back in 2013.

“The document apparently provided such instructions as, ‘Give your arms a wipe with alcohol wipes, ([which is] what I use),'” a report from the International Business Times adds, “‘or use a wet wipe, this is to prevent any bacteria infection.”

crystal meth teacher
Canadian parents are incensed over a drama teacher’s assignment that related a little too closely to the TV series, ‘Breaking Bad.’ [Image by Sony Pictures Television]

Students were also allegedly told to “act scared” as they cooked up the substance, and to “act happy” when they injected the drug into their arms.

“It’s mind-boggling,” Ms. Greenwich emotionally continued.

“It could undo a lot of what I taught him because sometimes he would think the things the teacher says are sometimes more important than the things mum says. They do have that influence and impact.”

A spokeswoman for the Peel District School Board, which overlooks Erin Mills, responded to the troubling script by calling the matter “shocking and inappropriate,” but did not outright condemn the schoolteacher.

“The curriculum is the curriculum,” Carla Pereira, the manager of communications for the Peel District School Board, stated to Gizmodo about the matter, “but how teachers instruct the class is up to them.”

Despite not having a precedence for such incidents, the drama teacher was suspended without pay while an investigation into the crystal meth assignment continues. For the sake of privacy, the instructor’s name and personal standing with the Peel District was not released publicly.

In related news, a substitute junior high school instructor from Oklahoma was arrested recently for also exposing his students to something completely inappropriate — pornography.

John Autry, 58, of Pryor is now facing child neglect charges after he accidentally transmitted the NSFW imagery that he was viewing on his phone to a smart board screen inside of a classroom, as noted by KJRH in Tulsa. Court documents related to the case express that police were called to the educational institution that Pryor had been assigned to after a student first heard her fellow classmates giggling over the on-screen visuals.

When the teenager looked up, she purportedly witnessed Autry scrolling through still photos of nude adults performing sexual activities.

“He was on [an adult website], just scrolling through the different pictures,” Pryor Police Dept. Assistant Chief James Willyard stated to the news station.

Autry would go on to express to law enforcement that he was unaware that students could see the activity he had been involved in, but was still booked into the Mayes County Jail on February 17 and released on $100,000 bail. Members of the Pryor Public Schools district have since relieved the 25-year instructor of all duties.

Peet District School Officials have not commented on whether the crystal meth drama teacher will meet a similar fate.

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