Jaden Smith reportedly bugging new Hidden Hills neighbors.

Jaden Smith Gets His Own Place, Is Reportedly Disturbing Posh Neighborhood

Jaden Smith, the 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, has reportedly moved out of his parent’s palatial Calabasas compound into a “smaller” home of his own. Jaden’s tiny (by Smith family standards) $4 million new pad is in the posh gated community of Hidden Hills, California, and according to neighbors, Jaden is already wearing out his welcome.

As SF Gate reports, Jaden Smith has only lived in his new digs for roughly six months. However, in that short amount of time, the son of the former Fresh Prince has reportedly been having run-ins with neighbors and long-time residents of the exclusive California neighborhood. The primary problem for Jaden Smith in his new place? It’s said that the teen is something of a speed demon who can frequently be seen driving his Tesla X SUV too fast and otherwise carelessly around the gated community.

In fact, new neighbors of Jaden Smith say he’s downright careless while driving his $85,000 (at least) SUV around the place.

Some believe that Jaden chose Hidden Hills to settle down (at least for now) because of its other famous residents, including ex-girlfriend and longtime friend Kylie Jenner, who now lives just up the block from Jaden Smith. And Kylie isn’t the only famous face in Jaden’s new neighborhood. Hidden Hills is also home to Jessica Simpson, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian and her famous hubby, Kanye.

According to one unnamed new neighbor of Jaden Smith, who has reportedly lived in Hidden Hills for quite some time, Jaden is pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable, even among Hollywood royalty.

“This was a quiet neighborhood, but Jaden and his entourage are turning it into their own personal kingdom. He has a sense of entitlement, bravado. He doesn’t care if security reprimands him or gives him a warning, he just continues to do whatever he pleases.”

Daily Mail reports that Jaden Smith may have been considering a move to Hidden Hills well before he actually packed his things and moved into his new home, a home which was reportedly paid for via a Smith family trust back in 2003 rather than by multi-millionaire Jaden himself. That much was evidenced by a tweet put out by the social media maven Jaden just a few short weeks before he moved into his new home. It read,”You Could Move In To Hidden Hills And We Still Don’t Live By The Same Code.”

Jaden Smith’s new place is said to boast five bedrooms and six bathrooms and is tucked away from view by a lengthy driveway and some well-placed landscaping. The Hidden Hills mansion was once home to Jaden Smith’s parents Will and Jada while their sprawling, compound-like estate in Calabasas was under construction. A former Will Smith business associate also once called the place home, however, is now “Jaden and his buddies who have free reign of the place.”

Jaden Smith’s new place is not far from his family’s primary residence, just eight miles away, which could be a good thing if the Karate Kid and The Pursuit of Happyness star ends up pushing his new neighbors too far and needs to head back home.

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Some close to Jaden Smith have likened the teen’s behavior to that of Justin Bieber when he moved into another family-friendly gated community in California, known as Oaks.

“It reminds me of when Justin Bieber moved into the gated Oaks community in Calabasas and immediately had trouble with the neighbors. It seems like the Hollywood Hills would be a better fit than Hidden Hills for a young guy like Jaden.”

It remains to be seen if Jaden Smith, an eyebrow-raising Hollywood youth by anybody’s standard even before his new foray into adult living, can mellow out and come to terms with his new neighbors.

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