Dragon Ball Super 79: Tournament Of Power Commences. Behold Buu’s Fury!

At last, the time for which fans had been waiting for. Dragon Ball Super’s episode 79 featured Majin Buu’s fury, which really compels him to actually get on the offensive and fight Basil. The outcome, however, seemed already predictable from the start but the episode, nonetheless, left fans wanting for more.

Fans already wanted to see Majin Buu fight seriously in Dragon Ball Super. They saw him try while fighting Basil who was quite impressive with his awesome barrage of kicks coupled with a series of energy bombs thrown directly at Majin Buu. Given the fact that Majin Buu seems to be enjoying this game and doesn’t seem hurt by his opponent’s attacks, he still resists getting offensive until towards the end of the episode where an interesting turn of events take place.

This week’s chapter leaves the fans satisfied, but only half way through. This is because even though episode 79 of the Saga presented an epic fight between Basil and Buu, but it didn’t give the audience anything to draw out anything significantly interesting from either of the two contenders. In other words, there was little charisma in Zen-o-Sama’s preliminary round of the Tournament of Power.

Speaking of the details now, the animation is fine and the pace of the episode invokes curiosity. The bad guys are apparently dangerous since Goku is not able to sense their energy level which is why they cannot be underestimated. This becomes even truer when Basil and his brothers along with their Kaoshin, who seemed notoriously malevolent the minute he came onto the screen, start cheating in the middle of the match when Buu seems unaffected by Basil’s attacks. The Kaoshin dopes Basil with some weird steroid after which the contestant from universe nine transforms into a deadly beast. The team from universe nine continuously breaks the tournament’s standard rules over and over again.

By the time Basil took that kind of dopey spiked ball, fans knew how the fight was going to end given the fact that Buu’s gumball characteristics make him invulnerable to punches and kicks.

Also, beyond the combat, Episode 79 contains things that have made the upcoming chapter even more interesting. To begin with, fans get a glimpse of a warrior who’s in the team of Ronald Mcdonald, the clown God of Destruction. He seems pretty strong given how he crushed Basil’s deflected Shining Blaster attack between his hands. The guy also seems like a religious fanatic or something.

To top it all, this is only the beginning where Dragon Ball Super fans get a glimpse of the kind of characters which await Goku’s team. The next episode features the tense combat between Lavanda and Gohan. Regurgitating that the wolves’ ki cannot be sensed coupled with Lavanda’s quite treacherous and duplicitous first appearance, it’s not hard to imagine that it will be a tough fight for Gohan given that he has been out of practice for a very long time.

Quite frankly, episode 79 hasn’t revealed anything and neither will the next episode. Fans will have to wait for the episode where Goku fights the eldest wolf to get some understanding regarding the nature of these battles as well as the real strength of the combatants. After all, Goku’s fighting level is the set standard for fans to judge whether a competitor is tough to beat or not.

Speaking of Gohan, this episode has also revealed that even though Gohan had been out of training, he did train before his upcoming fight which is why he asks his father, “look how strong I’ve become.” There is one doubt in this entire situation. If Majin Buu won the first match and Goku will inevitably win his fight as well, who will be the loser from universe seven? All fingers point towards Gohan who seems to go blind during his combat.

[Featured Image by Dragon Ball Super/Facebook]