Pokemon Go Update special items

‘Pokemon Go’ Update News: How To Get Special Items, Togetic Drains Resources

It is no exaggeration to say that Pokemon Go has changed the face of gaming in a few short months. Players of Pokemon Go will be aware that the collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic had a few technical issues when it was launched in July 2016. Since then, the mobile game has attracted millions of new fans and brought huge numbers of Pokemon lovers back to the game. Pokemon Go is different, it gets players away from their computer screens, and out into the real world, to capture Pokemon “in the wild.”

An updated version of Pokemon Go has just been released. The latest Pokemon Go evolution offers players a range of special items that can be used to evolve Pokemon into a higher form. Of course, it is rare for any computer game update to be perfect from the beginning, and many Pokemon Go aficionados are wondering if they have discovered a glitch in the new Pokemon Go evolution.

Pokemon Go Update special items
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According to the Sunday Express, one Pokemon in particular is causing players a few headaches. Players encountering a Pokemon called Togetic are finding the critter almost impossible to catch. Players who have encountered Togetic in the wild are reporting that the capture rate is less than one percent. It isn’t the case that the troublesome Pokemon doesn’t hang around, he does, and players are trashing their inventories trying to capture it. The Express reported that one player had used up “15 pokeball, great ball, ultra-ball and loads of berries” only to see the little critter run away.

“This is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, I tried to catch one but it’s like trying to get a Gengar, Lapras and Dragonite.”

“Togetic’s catch rate in the wild is basically one percent, no matter what ball or berry you use. There are stories of people wasting their entire supply of Ultras and having nothing to show for it.”

“Unless you’re really dying for the Pokedex entry and are willing to gamble your inventory away, it’s probably a better idea to just find a Togepi and evolve it.”

How To Get Special Items And Evolution Stones In Pokemon Go

The new generation 2 edition of Pokemon Go requires players to collect Evolution Stones, Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Sun Stone, and Up-Grade. These can be used to evolve your Pokemon to the next level. The game update introduces 80 new Pokemon, and many of them can be hatched from eggs. Avid players will be aware that the eggs are hatched after you have walked 2, 5, or 10 kilometers.

According to Slash Gear, special items are proving extremely rare, and you will also need 100 of the Pokemon’s favorite candies to evolve it. To attain the items, you’ll need to spin Pokestops. That’s it, but players are reporting that they have spun hundreds of Pokestops without getting a single special item.

Pokemon Go Update special items
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Niantic has announced that you will receive additional candy and stardust when you catch an evolved Pokemon, so that may help players towards evolving the latest Pokemon. According to Gamespot, Niantic has also announced that trading of Pokemon and player vs. player battles will shortly make their way into Pokemon Go.

Until that happens, players will have to visit their local Pokemon locations to attempt to track down the Generation 2 Pokemon, and with luck, bag some of the special items. Those who have a Pokemon nest in their location would be well advised to spend some time there. With luck, they may find some eggs and maybe even one of the new Pokemon.

It is probably fair to say that the special items will be most useful for Pokemon hunters who already have some strong monsters that are at the top of their evolution cycle. Evolving them will likely be a boon when player vs. player battles arrive. If this is you, get out to your local Pokestop, start spinning and keep your fingers crossed.

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