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‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: If This Fan Theory Is True, It Changes Everything

Right now, The Walking Dead is in the middle of Season 7 and many have wondered if the falling ratings and complaints would keep it going much longer. Even with a few bumps in the road, it doesn’t appear as if the AMC hit show is going anywhere anytime soon. Still, many fans are already thinking and dreaming of how it will all end, and one fan has come up with a theory that would absolutely change everything.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Over the years, many fan theories have come forth as viewers have tried to figure out what will happen or why something happened in a certain episode. It happened a lot early on and then, the fan theories really started flowing out for the Season 6 cliffhanger when everyone wondered who Negan would kill.

Now, there is a new theory and it may honestly be one of the strangest, but closest to possible, ones yet.

the walking dead spoilers fan theory carl grimes story old man ending
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Once again, there could very well be spoilers ahead, or it could be nothing more than the thoughts of a zombie fan. If you don’t want to have things possibly spoiled, you’re going to want to back away now.

A fan theory about The Walking Dead has recently been brought forward in a YouTube video by someone named MovieIDOL. In the video, the theory suggest the idea that The Walking Dead is not actually taking place in present day time, but that it is a story being told by an older version of Carl Grimes.

As pointed out by Digital Spy, this theory is backed up by a lot of evidence that has surfaced so far in the television series. It makes a lot of sense as the TV show is focused so intently on the relationship between Carl and his father, Rick, and that is because it is being told from his point of view.

Not to mention, the majority of the rest of the cast are all adults, while Carl is really the only one actually growing up and changing.

the walking dead spoilers fan theory carl grimes story old man ending
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It is also pointed out that while the son and father relationship is the focal point of the show at times, much more screen time is actually given to Carl. Just look at the episode titled “Sing Me a Song” which showed a conversation between Carl and Negan that went on longer than probably most of those that have happened since the pilot episode.

When seeing Rick, he is seen as the hero and the one that will lead the survivors to safety from the land of the Walkers. This is because Carl loves, honors, and respects his father, so, he’s going to put him in the spotlight as the man who was the reason for keeping them alive.

In the fan theory, the video points out that it will likely be Carl and Rick being the final survivors to remain alive, but the series will have an ending. MovieIDOL’s ending for the series has Rick dying last and then, an elderly Carl shown telling the story of his life.

Some plot holes are there, but the video also does its best to squash those issues, and it all ends up making sense. As time goes on, if the survivors starting dying one-by-one and Carl continues to live on, many will start believing more in this fan theory.

The Walking Dead has been going strong for six-and-a-half seasons, but they have finally started to see a bit of backlash as soon as the envelope was pushed. The comic book is far from complete and who knows how many episodes could end up coming over time, but that doesn’t mean the TV series will last as long. It also doesn’t mean it has to follow the same storyline and if this fan theory of it being told by old man Carl Grimes is true, then, your mind could be blown.

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