Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley were married in 1994.

Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley: Marriage Remembered During Her Struggle

Currently, the news is that Lisa Marie Presley is broke and living with her daughter Riley Keough, but is Elvis’ daughter missing her former husband, Michael Jackson, and the cash bailout he would have likely lent her?

Recent headlines about Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage are being generated because of his stepdaughter, Riley Keough. In an interview she did on February 16, 2017, Riley Keough had a lot to say about her family including stepfather Michael Jackson and how he was part of a positive time in her life.

Riley Keough also stated that her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, was currently in a state of financial ruin — and any money she might have received from Michael Jackson is long gone due to Lisa Marie’s business manager.

According to Associated Press, Lisa Marie Presley does receive $1.2 million per year through Elvis’ estate, but Lisa Marie claimed in a recent court proceeding for spousal support for her now ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, that a business manager did not handle the accounts correctly. Now she owes “millions of dollars” in back taxes.

Despite her current financial state, if Michael Jackson was still alive, he would likely bail Lisa Marie Presley out of bankruptcy if he had the money.

Although they were not married for very long, Michael Jackson adored Lisa Marie Presley — and she claimed he even tried to win her back for several years before he died.

Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley divorce 1996.
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley filmed “You Are Not Alone” in 1995 but were divorced in 1996. [Image By Liaison/Stringer/Getty Images]

Regardless, after Michael Jackson died in 2009, the media talked about his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley and Time said their May 1994 wedding was “an unexpected union.”

The main focus in the media in a time before the internet was that Lisa Marie Presley was the daughter of Elvis AKA the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop.

At the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley announced their marriage. Sadly, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley got divorced in 1996.

In 2010, in the year after Michael Jackson died, Lisa Marie Presley talked about her marriage to Michael Jackson in an interview with Oprah.

In general, Lisa Marie Presley said Michael Jackson was a normal husband in a normal marriage, and they enjoyed talking until all hours of the night.

In particular, Lisa Marie Presley said that she thought of being married to Michael Jackson as being his nurturer and caretaker in unique ways that others could not. For example, they both grew up as children in a celebrity spotlight and had difficulties relating to other people because of that.

Ultimately, Lisa Marie Presley said that her marriage to Michael Jackson broke down because of the blood-sucking vampires that were around him constantly, the medications that he used for sleeping problems were starting to have ill effects on his mood, and he also started to push away Lisa Marie Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley said that this side of Michael Jackson scared her because she saw how her father started to go downhill with medication abuse and hanging out with the wrong people before he died. Worse, Lisa Marie Presley said that Michael Jackson was a good person and did not know any better.

Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley final phone conversation 2005.
The last time Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley spoke in 2005, she did not tell him she was still in love with him. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Of course, what many fans remember about Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage is the video they did for “You Are Not Alone.”

A.V. Club critiqued Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” and said it was the first song to ever debut at No. 1 when it was on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995.

Although Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were very much in love at the time, critics described the video for “You Are Not Alone” as “pure calculation” with “zero sexual chemistry.”

Despite the accusations that their marriage might be platonic, there are also many people around Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley during their marriage that still say it was far from a sham.

For example, one of the main witnesses was J. Randy Taraborrelli. Lifelong friends since they were children, Taraborrelli wrote a book before Michael Jackson died that was heavily quoted in 2009 by Daily Mail called Michael Jackson: The Magic And The Madness.

When Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley first met due to a mutual friend, it was at an MTV awards ceremony in New York. From the very beginning, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley hit it off, and they were soon having their honeymoon at Euro Disneyland Paris in the Sleeping Beauty Suite in 1994.

About the chemistry between them, Michael Jackson was “openly flirtatious” and Lisa Marie Presley said he kissed her passionately often.

One day, on the phone, Michael Jackson asked Lisa Marie Presley if she would marry him. When she said she would, Michael Jackson said, “My love for you is real. Please believe me.”

According to those that knew him, they described Lisa Marie Presley to be the first time he had serious chemistry with a woman and also said they had an “intense and active sex life.”

In September 2016, Lisa Marie Presley was quoted by People stating to Oprah in a second interview that “Michael Jackson could not be saved,” but that she wished she had tried harder to help MJ get into drug treatment.

Lisa Marie Presley also said that Michael Jackson having a “god-like” status as a celebrity “made it difficult for people to stand up to him about his dangerous habits.”

Lisa Marie Presley said that in 2005, she had her last conversation with Michael Jackson, and he was trying to see if she still had romantic feelings for him.

Michael Jackson asked her if she loved him, and when she said she was feeling “indifferent,” he told her that he did not “like that word.”

However, things were not always rosy for Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. For example, according to a 2013 report from Yahoo, during Michael Jackson’s AEG LIVE death trial, it was revealed Lisa Marie Presley “blindsided” MJ with divorce papers.

The reason Michael Jackson was not expecting this from Lisa Marie Presley is due to the fact that she initially had him resist filing first. The very next day, the tabloids reported that Lisa Marie Presley was filing divorce papers against Michael Jackson — and not the other way around.

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