WWE Rumors: WWE Wants To Put Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Over At 'Fastlane'

WWE Rumors: WWE Wants To Put Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Over At ‘Fastlane’

From the sound of it, the WWE really wants to put over both Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns in their match at Fastlane. This is not always easy to do. There are times, such as when John Cena and AJ Styles wrestled, that both men went over huge at the end of their match. However, neither Roman Reigns nor Braun Strowman are as good in the ring as Cena and Styles.

Sportskeeda reported that the WWE wants both men to go over at Fastlane and look strong heading into WrestleMania. While the idea seemed confusing when brought up, it is easy to see how this could happen and a recent WWE house show in Dallas shows the two men are capable of pulling it off.

WWE Rumors: WWE Wants To Put Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Over At 'Fastlane'
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PW Insider had someone at the WWE house show in Dallas where Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns battled. According to the report, the match was very good and ended in Roman Reigns winning by disqualification.

“Believe me or not but this was a damn good match. Strowman can go and this had some great near falls. I hope they can do this at Fastlane.”

There was also a video of the finish that saw Roman Reigns spear Braun Strowman through a table before his music kicked on.

The best way to pull off a match that puts over both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman is to book it so that Reigns is the babyface fighting an uphill battle the entire match against the dominant Braun Strowman. Then the match needs to get violent and see the two just destroying each other.

If the match ends in a disqualification or double disqualification, both men could come out looking strong as neither could really put away the other. Even if Roman Reigns comes out on top by pinfall, Braun Strowman can come out looking strong by dominating the match.

The problem arises with WrestleMania coming up. Roman Reigns can’t lose the match if he wants to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania because a loss devalues Roman Reigns. Braun Strowman can’t afford to lose or his dominating run will stall out, even if he looks strong. Roman Reigns will prove Strowman can fall and that hurts his future booking.

WWE Rumors: WWE Wants To Put Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Over At 'Fastlane'
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Of course, there is no rumored match for Braun Strowman anymore at WrestleMania. Many expected Roman Reigns to fight Braun Strowman at the show but their match at Fastlane will likely be a one-and-done. Undertaker needs a major opponent and there is no one bigger than Roman Reigns – outside of John Cena.

Sadly, it looks like Braun Strowman might end up in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Sure, that could let him look like a monster but it just stalls his push again. Look at names like Cesaro and Baron Corbin for examples where winning this match did nothing for their pushes.


Roman Reigns is already a star – even if many Internet wrestling fans don’t want to admit to it. He can put on great matches with anyone and is just as responsible for the quality of his matches as his skilled opponents. Roman Reigns doesn’t need help outside of getting more WWE fans to cheer him.

Braun Strowman needs more help than Roman Reigns. The word backstage is that he can do so much more than fans have seen but the WWE asked him to hold things back until later in his career to keep surprises coming. Maybe Fastlane will allow him to pull out some of his unique and surprising moves to help put him over more with the fans.

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