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#TinyTrump Memes Showing Donald Trump In Smaller Light Causing Internet Uproar

Donald Trump is the target of jokes for social media and late night fodder. The new commander-in-chief can’t get a break. The latest viral attacks against President Trump come in the wake of his “fake news” campaign: compilations of #TinyTrump memes.

The new social media trend began after Donald Trump’s scathing attack on a handful of news outlets that he excoriates for not being fair and balanced in their daily reporting on his goings on, tweets and statements, according to an IBTimes report.

The label he’s assigned to CNN, the “failing New York Times” and other outlets predates his inauguration. However, his attacks on the press are occurring more frequently, as multiple news brands are reporting. USA Today said it’s a name Trump uses against press agencies that don’t agree with him.

“The term was initially used to refer to the proliferation of inaccurate and misleading stories during the campaign from sites trying to pass themselves off as legitimate news sources.”

Trump called an impromptu press conference days ago, and instead of calling only on conservative media, he opened up the floor to all of the press over a span of 77 minutes.

“I have never seen more dishonest media, frankly than the political media.”

As the Times wrote, Donald Trump’s history of attacking multiple outlets ranges from the “disgraceful” media to Nordstrom and other retailers that dropped Ivanka Trump’s brands — and everything else in between. However, the President’s crusade to lambaste his critics may have resulted in a paradox aka the #TinyTrump meme.

“As the president sought to silence his critics, he may have inevitably given birth to a social media trend that shows him in a different light. Many say Trump has been child-like in his handling of criticism and as a humorous take on this, users of Reddit created a new community — r/TinyTrumps — to post altered pictures of ‘Tiny Trump.'”

All of the pictures poking fun at Donald Trump on social media sites are photoshopped images of the New York billionaire juxtaposed next to a larger figure. Trump supposedly stands at 6ft 2in, according to HowTallis.

In some of the #TinyTrump memes, the President is shown no more than 4-feet-tall, according to sources. In the Twitter pics, other past and present world leaders dwarf the real estate mogul’s body: Barack Obama, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canada’s Prime Minister, to name a few. Other memes of the President depict him sitting or standing next to his daughters, wife, and other members of the Trump family.

In another unrelated Trump news story, an expert claims that the President’s “unhinged” behavior may be due to an undiagnosed venereal disease. In a recent article published in the New Republic titled, “A Medical Theory For Trump’s Bizarre Behavior,” Steven Beutler, an expert in infectious disease, says President Trump’s capricious behavior may be due to uncontrolled or untreated syphilis.

“According to Beutler, a major reason to fear that Trump could be suffering from syphilis is that we know he was exposed to a grave risk of syphilis infection in the 1980s. The assessment is based, according to Beutler, on Trump’s own admission on the Howard Stern show in 1997 (see video below) that he lived a dangerous sexually promiscuous lifestyle in the 1980s. Trump told Stern during the 1997 interview on the Howard Stern Show that his risky sexual behavior in the 1980s was his ‘personal Vietnam.'”

The Quartz published an article that suggested the practice of armchair diagnosing Trump’s mental status sets a dangerous precedent and “does a disservice to psychology” in general, and borders on unethical practices.

What is your feedback about the Donald Trump #TinyTrump memes?

[Featured Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images]