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California Flooding Puts Golden State Feud With Trump On Hold

The state of California and President Trump have been engaged in a war of words since the January inauguration, but the feud was put on hold this week when the Golden State requested emergency aid.

California has been soaked in a series of winter storms that have caused serious flooding across the state and forced Gov. Jerry Brown, a potential Trump nemesis, to ask the President for help.

The internet was quick to mock the governor for asking for federal aid while the state debated turning all of California into a sanctuary city and considered withholding tax dollars from the federal government.

Twitter users bashed Brown for asking Trump for help fixing the Oroville Dam, where 180,000 people were evacuated this week, after bragging the state would continue policies that are at odds with the White House.

Other users vented their frustration on lawmakers in the state capital who approved social welfare programs instead of funding to repair the troubled dam that threatens to the lives of thousands of residents.

California has been racked by a series of winter storms that have submerged huge swaths of the northern part of the state, threatened the country’s tallest dam, and caused massive mudslides.

The flooding caused 290 reports of damage to California highways that are expected to cost the state $401 million to repair, Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger told the Desert Sun.

“Damage, of course, is still occurring and it’s being assessed. We got them in all sorts of counties.”

Then, a new storm hit the state this weekend submerging Southern California in a torrential downpour that killed at least two people, caused major mudslides, stranded motorists on freeways and turned airports into lakes.

The California storm, dubbed Lucifer by state weather experts, killed two people, turned desert towns into lakes, downed trees, and cut off power to thousands as flood waters threatened to drown Los Angeles, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski

“Northern California is likely to be slammed again as it appears the heaviest rain from the storms will target the region at the start of next week.”

[Image by Brian Baer/ California Department of Water Resources/Getty Images]
[Image by Brian Baer/ California Department of Water Resources/Getty Images]

Before the state flooded, Californians were busy protesting Trump’s stance on immigration, the border wall, health care, and the environment, and they even considered a somewhat far fetched Calexit secessionist movement.

Residents of the Golden State took to the airwaves, the internet, and busy street corners to shout “Not my president,” at the top of their lungs.

Since the rain started to fall, however, many California residents have been too busy trying to avoid the rising floodwaters to condemn Trump’s political actions.

Friday, as the winter storm raged, State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon told a crowd at the California Newspaper Publishers Association he was tired of bashing Trump, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“I’m tired of talking about Donald Trump.”

[Image by David McNew/Getty Images]
[Image by David McNew/Getty Images]

Rendon went on to argue Californians should remember Trump had nothing to do with creating the many crisis’ facing the state and lawmakers were better occupied helping citizens affected by the housing crisis, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“If Hillary Clinton had gotten elected president of the United States, we would have started the year with 2.5 million children in California living in poverty. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president of the United States, we would have started the year with crumbling roads.”

Meanwhile, other California residents praised Trump’s action in declaring California a disaster area opening the way for federal funds and emergency relief to help areas in the state hard hit by flooding and mudslides.

Another storm is expected to hit California next week bringing yet more rain to an already flooded state.

What do you think about the Trump California feud?

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