Melania Trump's Sister Lives In NYC

Melania Trump’s Sister Stayed Under Radar As Just Another New Yorker – Until Now

Who knew that Melania Trump had a sister who lives only two blocks away from Trump’s gilded tower home in Manhattan? Her name is Ines Knauss and not only is she Melania’s older sister, but she’s also her best friend.

Despite being the sister-in-law of the United State’s president, Knauss keeps very much under the radar. The only online presence of Melania’s sister is on Facebook and unless you knew who you were looking for, there’s nothing that jumps out at you to say she is the sister of Melania Trump.

The New York Post suggests that Melania’s sister’s Facebook account offers “clues into her personality.” For starters, it is not hard to see that she is one proud big sister when it comes to Melania. Ines Knauss is not well recognized because she’s stayed under the radar of the press, but she is pictured in a white strapless gown in the post below. This appears on her Facebook account. The other woman dressed in red is Louisa Beccaria, according to what Ines posted.

Ines refers to Melania as “M” in her posts, like the one of her little sister as a toddler on her birthday. She posted the photo on Melania’s last birthday as a flashback into the past for her sister. Along with the picture of Melania as a baby, Ines writes “Happy b day M,” which is seen below.

Now that Melania’s sister has made headline news for just being Melania’s sister, her Facebook page is bound to be visited over and over again. Ines lives in a $2 million one-bedroom apartment that is owned by the Donald Trump Organization, cites the New York Post.

Her apartment is described as being in a “posh Park Avenue building,” which is only two blocks from the tower bearing the Trump name, where Donald, Melania, and Barron call home. Despite moving into the White House, Trump Towers will probably always be the place they call home.

Ines is an artist, and it looks as though the few sketches that appear on her Facebook page may be her work. Melania’s big sister has documented Melania’s life in pictures on her Facebook page from the time she was a baby up until today. She’s posted some of Melania’s recent big events, like photos of her interviews with various celebrity reporters. One photo she’s posted has Melania with Anderson Cooper, as seen below.

Another post that appears on Innes Facebook page is a picture titled “M with Mom.” After seeing her Facebook page, you will see what a lovely tribute she has posted of her sister over time, but most of all you can see how she’s managed to stay under the radar.

With Melania being posted as “M,” it was hard to put two and two together, as there’s nothing screaming, “Melania is my sister.” Unless you were directed to the page, it would be hard to say that this is indeed the Facebook page of Melania’s sister. Melania doesn’t appear to be someone who is vying to be in the spotlight, and it looks as if her sister is the same way.

No one could accuse Ines in any way, shape or form of exploiting her relationship to the Trump family after seeing how her Facebook page is set up. It is almost as if it is in code with “M” for Melania. While pictures of Melania, Donald, and Barron do appear on the page, unless you knew this was Melania’s sister, you might think it was just another fan page.

Melania is also seen early on in her modeling career in a few of her sister’s posts. She is also pictured at the podium as the first lady of the United States. Below is a picture that Iness posted of Melania from back in 1991. The caption is once again simple and she uses “M” for Melania. It reads “M #FBF 1991,” which is posted along with the photo.

Yes, it appears Ines is keeping good tabs on Melania as her Facebook page looks more like a scrapbook for Melania rather than a page setup for herself. She also has several pictures of her brother-in-law Donald Trump and nephew Barron.

Because not much is known about Ines, her Facebook page does offer up clues as to who she is. She has drawn absolutely no attention to herself and despite her brother-in-law being the leader of the free world, there’s not a hint of that noted on her social media posts. She hasn’t used her position in the Trump family for any self-serving benefit as far as you can tell with her Facebook posts.

One more thing that you might pick up from Ines’ Facebook page is that Melania Trump’s parents have two beautiful daughters. As you can see with Ines’ picture, those stunning looks are shared by both sisters.

According to the website Romper, Melania is one of three siblings. Melania and Ines were born to Viktor and Ulcnik Knavs, but her dad had a son from a previous relationship, which gives the girls an older half-brother, Denis Cigelnjak.

Melania’s entire family has stayed under the radar and as Romper suggests, if you do a search of the inauguration to see her parents or siblings, you won’t find a picture of them. There’s no presence noted of her family on Twitter when you search the social media sites for the inauguration. You will catch a glimpse of them if you watch ABC’s full inauguration video, as they were seen in glimpses standing behind Melania during the inauguration.

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs/AP Images]