No Modern Warfare 2 demo planned, says developer

Sad cat is sad.

Who’s to blame for our melancholy moggy, our troubled tabby? Nasty ol’ Infinity Ward, that’s who. The Modern Warfare 2 developer revealed today via Twitter that it had “no plans” for a pre-launch demo of its eagerly awaited shooter. And it’s all because IW is lazy wants to make the best game they possibly can. HOW DARE THEY:

“No plan for a demo before launch. The entire team is focused on polish all the way up to ship of the full game.”

So that’s that, it seems. I wouldn’t bank on a public multiplayer beta, so it looks like we’ll be waiting until November 10th to play the real thing.

If you’ve been residing under a rock for the past few months, Modern Warfare 2 is rapidly shaping up to be the game of 2009, even to people who aren’t that crazy about shooters, like me. Here’s a video to whet your appetite/increase the pain of waiting.

[Infinity Ward Twitter, via Eurogamer]