Ashley Mead Update: Missing Mom's Dismembered Remains Spread Across Many States

Ashley Mead Update: Missing Mom’s Dismembered Remains Spread Across Many States

Ashley Mead was found dead and stuffed into a suitcase this week, but police said the remains of the missing Colorado mother could actually be spread out across several states.

The search for Mead had a grim update on Wednesday when a gas station employee from Okmulgee, Oklahoma, found a suitcase containing a human torso near a dumpster, KFOR reported. The 25-year-old mom had gone missing from her home in Boulder on February 12, along with her 1-year-old, Winter Mead.

On Wednesday, the 1-year-old was found in Okmulgee along with the baby’s father, Adam Densmore. The 32-year-old man was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, and Winter Mead was taken into children protective services, KFOR reported.

As the KFOR report noted, officials believe that Ashley Mead was murdered in her home state and her body parts may be spread out across multiple states.

“Investigators believe the murder took place in Boulder and at least part of the dismemberment took part in another state, possibly Louisiana,” said Chief Joe Prentice of the Okmulgee Police Department (via 9 News). “Additionally investigators have determined that there is a piece of luggage missing from the suspected dismemberment site which matches the suitcase that contained the torso.”

Adam Densmore is accused of traveling across several states after Ashley Mead was reported missing. After leaving Boulder, he drove to New Mexico and then south through Texas to Louisiana and then Arkansas before ended up in Oklahoma.

Boulder police said that leaves them with a number of possibilities of where Ashley Mead’s body could have ended up.

“I think the possibilities are limited only by your imagination,” said Chief Joe Prentice. “I think there’s any number of things that could have happened to dispose of the other body parts.”

Because the dismembered body of Ashley Mead could potentially be spread out across hundreds of square miles, police are asking anyone who lives in those areas for help. Boulder police published a likeness of the purple luggage they believe her body may be in.

After her dismembered body was discovered, friends of Ashley Mead spoke up to remember the happy young woman and devoted mother. Ashley’s Facebook page was filled with pictures of 1-year-old Winter, showing off her growing daughter.

“She was just such an individual,” her friend, Morgan Jeknavorian, told the Daily Camera. “She always had just such an amazing smile. And she’d wear crazy tie-dyed legging and shirts with sharks and Godzilla and birds on them.

“And she was the best mother I’ve ever met. She’s motivation for how I want to be when I have a kid.”

Mead hailed from Warren, a small town in northwest Pennsylvania. Friends from Warren remembered her as a big-hearted young woman with a love of life.

“There’s no words to describe what that girl had,” Amelia Perry, a friend of more than a decade, told the Daily Camera. “That girl lived more than anyone else I know.”

There was also an impromptu memorial set up near the dumpster where Mead’s body was found in Oklahoma, with flowers attached to the fence.

Adam Densmore appeared in court in Oklahoma on Friday and is expected to be extradited back to Colorado this week to face charges of murdering and dismembering missing mom Ashley Mead.

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