Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets look on from the bench against the Charlotte Hornets.

Jeremy Lin Due Back For Brooklyn Nets Sporting A New Look

If and when Jeremy Lin returns to the Brooklyn Nets lineup after the All-Star break, he may not be hard to recognize.

The veteran guard is sporting a new “Jimmy Neutron” style hairdo that makes even his many unique looks before seem ordinary.

Lin, who has previously worn his hair in pony tails, cornrows, and a high spike, recently took to Instagram to share shots of his latest cartoon-fashioned creation.

In the caption, Lin hinted that the look was for a “secret project.”

The Nets signed the 28-year veteran to a three-year, $36 million deal in summer free agency and to date, there hasn’t been much that qualifies as special about his New York City return.

With just 25 games remaining in their 82-game season, Lin has appeared in just 12 games for the Nets this season, nursing a series of hamstring injuries.

He last suited up the day after Christmas, and the Nets felt the effects born of his absence, dropping 25 of their last 26 and 16 in a row at the Barclays Center.

When Lin has been able to perform, the versatile vet has been just what the Nets expected, averaging 14 points, six assists, three rebounds, and nearly two steals.

Secret Project lollll. Didnt think itd be possible to do this ha #afrolife #jimmyneutron

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The Nets are hopeful he will be able to make his official return on February 24 at Denver.

“He did pretty much everything, even a little extra afterwards, played a little full court,” coach Kenny Atkinson said of Lin taking part in his first full-practice with the team since his latest injury just before the break.

“He’s going to get that 10-day All-Star period to get his rhythm, get in better shape, work on his cardio,” he added.

All the watching he’s had to endure has been hard on the man who burst on the national scene with the cross-borough rival Knicks in 2012, embarking on a stretch of 10 games where he averaged 25 points and nine assists on 50 percent shooting that came to be known as “Linsanity.”

“It’s been really, really hard to watch,” he said.

“I feel for the guys, because they’re playing hard, playing the right way, moving the ball, trying to do the right things”

But with Lin’s return, hopefully, comes a new look for the Nets.

“I’m not going to lie: It wears on everybody,” Lin said of all the struggling.

“I walk in there and I just feel bad. I’m a little bit upset at myself. I just feel bad for the whole situation, really.”

When and how to reinsert Lin into the mix isn’t the only big decision the Nets could soon face.

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The NBA trading deadline is less than a week away and as teams inquire about veteran center Brooks Lopez the Nets aren’t exactly sure what to do because they haven’t gotten much of a chance to gauge how good he and Lin can be in tandem.

For what it’s worth, Lin would like to see Lopez stick around and sounds as if he’s convinced the two could make life easier for one another.

“I think it would mean a lot because I think I could make his job a lot easier and vice versa,” he said. “You see sometimes in the fourth quarter [after] he’s had

“You see sometimes in the fourth quarter [after] he’s had a good first three quarters and it dries up in the fourth quarter. It’s hard because they’re putting even more pressure on him, sending more guys at him.”

That’s where Lin sees himself coming in, contributing in those critical moments when the Nets need help the most.

“I think I can help him with that and vice versa.,” he added.

“We’ve already talked about wanting to get back on the floor. I love playing with him, and he’s a great guy.”

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