‘FANatic’: Lifetime TV’s LMN Sci-Fi Movie Keeps Assistant Close But Enemy Closer

LMN is offering up an exciting sci-fi movie thriller this weekend. On Sunday, prepare for the movie FANatic about a woman who’ll stop at nothing to keep her favorite character from leaving a popular TV show. FANatic is directed by Juan-Francois Rivard and written by Doug Barber and James Phillips. FANatic stars Betsy Brandt, Benjamin Arthur, and Katy Breier.

FANatic Lifetime Movie: Synopsis

Tess Daniels is a spunky and talented actress who is also a feminist to the highest degree. Always wanting to set a good example for other women, Tess is very concerned about the roles she plays. In her latest television show, she plays Galanica, the lead role in a popular and successful sci-fi TV series.

For Tess, Galanica plays into all of the sexist and raunchy female stereotypes. Trying hard not to complain, Tess accepts the role for a while. But now the role is becoming more degrading, especially after she finds out that she’ll appear half naked in the next episode.

Fishnet stockings and bikinis were not on the agenda, which makes Tess finally lash out at producers about how she really feels. In her mind, Galanica’s character is a misogynist archetype that sets a horrible role model for women. Being on the show has become more upsetting to her each day. Now Tess wants the role to change, or she wants out!

However, if she thinks that leaving the show will be that easy, Tess has another thing coming. For starters, sex sells, and it’s what the viewers want to see. Sure, the director can get another actress who is younger, prettier, and cheaper. But her wants Tess.

With no one to turn to, Tess confides in her assistant, who happens to be her number one fan. But what Tess doesn’t know is that her assistant is more than just a fan, she is an obsessed fanatic who is willing to do anything to keep the TV show going, even if it means committing unthinkable crimes.

Meanwhile, a rash of very strange things are happening behind the scenes. And in the end, the assistant’s truest and darkest intentions are revealed.

Actress Betsy Brandt (via IMDB)

“Betsy Brandt was born in Bay City, Michigan, USA as Betsy Ann Brandt. She attended the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, and earned a BFA in Acting in 1996. She also studied at the Moscow Art Theater Institute at Harvard and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. Betsy Brandt is an actress, known for Breaking Bad (2008), Life in Pieces (2015) and Magic Mike (2012). She has been married to Grady Olsen since 1996. They have two children.”

Actress Katy Breier (via IMDB)

“Katy Breier, real name Katherine Lavery-Breier, was born as Katherine Lavery-Breier. She is an actress, known for The Calling (2014), FANatic (2017) and The Strain (2014). “

Of course FANatic isn’t said to be based on a true story. Although, celebrity stalking stories have run rampant in the last decade. Here are two cases that come to mind.

  • Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, a former judge on the television show X-Factor, was stalked by an obsessed fan who faked the identity of her personal assistant to land a job at Sony/ATV Music, the Daily Mail reported.
  • In another case, which was reported by only a few outlets, a popular rock-star’s daughter was allegedly stalked by a transgender, cross dressing fan who used to work as her personal assistant.

FANatic was filmed in Canada and produced by Incendo Productions. It is executive produced by Jean Bureau and producer Ian Whitehead.

Lifetime Movie Network’s movie FANatic will air this Sunday, February 19, at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN. Last week, Lifetime Movie Network debuted the movie Stage Fright.

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