Fake News: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao's Wife, Not Dead [Debunked]

Fake New Hoax: Did Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao Die? Manny’s Wife Not Dead [Debunked]

There’s a headline being passed around by a fake news website titled,”CONFIRMED: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao The Wife Of Ex-Boxer Manny Pacquiao Shot Dead In Robbery Attack.” With the word “confirmed” at the beginning of the so-called breaking news headline, some people would think that the report was true. However, the news report has all the hallmarks of a fake news report. First off, no other reputable news organizations are corroborating what the headline from the fake news website states Lead Stories has declared the death report fake news.

The report claimed that Manny’s wife was killed during a robbery. According to the fake hoax, Jinkee suffered three gunshot wounds in the chest by robbers who allegedly stole Jinkee’s phone and money. However, the news report is short on details.

“Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao, the wife of professional Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao and a former vice governor of Sarangani, in Mindanao, Philippines is reported dead this afternoon following robbery attack. According to her husband, Manny Pacquiao, the wife was said to have gone to visit her close friend in Mindanao when she encountered her sudden death. ‘Jinkee was found in a pool of blood in her car helplessly yearning for help.’ – the Police said. According to a close source, a good Samaritan reached the scene and drove her quickly to the Mindanao Community Hospital but died shortly after she was able to disclose how she was being shot three times on the chest by the unknown assailants. According to her, the armed robbers bolted away with her cellphone and her purse containing $1200.”

The report even claimed that Manny gave them a quote, claiming he and Jinkee had fun just the day before she went to “the Mindanao,” looking like a queen “in the palaquin” (or palanquin) in a beautiful dress. The report claimed that Manny was in tears, recalling that he didn’t expect to lose his wife in the “twinkling of an eye,” with the news report borrowing a biblical phrase from the resurrection of Christ, as reported by Bible Hub.

Likely knowing that Manny is a Christian, the news report attributed a phrase that the ex-boxer might say. The news report went on to quote a “Dr. Cornelius Binay,” along with speaking of a team of doctors who all allegedly tried to save Jinkee, but claimed it was just too late. The fake report said Jinkee died after a few hours when the “second phase of medication was being” given to Jinkee. The fake news claimed that the killers of Jinkee were being sought.

Meanwhile, the fake article about Jinkee Jamora is getting plenty of buzz, claiming that the 38-year-old mother of five has died. As of this writing, no news about “Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao” appears on Snopes, but the publication will likely soon declare it false. According to Trendolizer, the fake article has gained 24,000 likes on Facebook.

On the Facebook page of Manny Pacquiao, there’s no news about Jinkee being killed. Manny’s son was the subject of a hoax, reports Morning News USA, with Jimuel Pacquiao death hoaxes spreading last year.

On Facebook, folks are reacting in shock to the fake news. Imelda Gesalan gave her condolences to Senator Manny, calling the news about Jinkee so sad and wished that everyone would be safe in the situation. Rizza Mae Javier was “feeling shocked” and wondered if the news about Pacquiao was true or not. Reymar Englis Dico exclaimed, “Oh my God!” Dico called it insane and impossible for such a thing to happen, wondering where were the guards to secure her life and limbs. Wilson Eden wondered if the news was true or a hoax.

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