Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli looks at her phone while holding some cash.

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Exploited By Dr. Phil, ‘How Bow Dah’?

“Cash Me Outside” girl, Danielle Bregoli, became an internet sensation after a bizarre interview on a TV show with Dr. Phil McGraw. Dr. Phil treads a well-worn path on reality TV, a path laid by the like of Jerry Springer. Troubled people, like “cash me outside” girl Danielle Bregoli are brought onto the show to air their often complex problems to the nation, in the name of entertainment. Dr. Phil draws on 25-years of experience as a psychologist to give, often very blunt, advice to those who appear on the show.

New York magazine reported that Danielle Bregoli and her mother first appeared on Dr. Phil in September 2016. Danielle’s mother was worried about her 13-year-old daughter’s behavior, she had reportedly been stealing cars and wielding knives, and decided that airing Danielle’s issues on Dr. Phil would somehow be helpful.

DR Phil Cash Me Outside
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The reality is that, Danielle would have grabbed her 15-minutes of fame, and then disappeared again, had it not been for one bizarre incident. Many believe that Dr. Phil, who rose to fame as Oprah Winfrey’s resident “expert,” does not have guests on his show to help them. He has people like the “cash me outside” girl on his show so that people can finger-point and laugh at them.

Danielle’s experience was no different to that of many before her. People laughed at her, and as the audience laughed Danielle remarked “all these ho’s laughin’ like there’s something funny.” Dr. Phil asked if Danielle had called his audience “ho’s,” and she responded with the phrase that would make her an internet sensation.

“Cash me outside, how bow dah” became the catchphrase of teens across the world, after video of Danielle’s bizarre use of language went viral.

‘Cash Me Outside, How Bow Dah’ Leads To Exploitation Of Danielle Bregoli?

There is little doubt that Danielle’s unique use of language led to her internet fame. Her use of her own version of street slang was unintelligible to many, others surmised that Danielle had offered Dr. Phil sexual service for cash, outside of the studio where there were no cameras. Either way “cash me outside, how bow dah” became one of the most searched phrases on internet search engines for weeks.

Either way, the video of the “cash me outside” girl has run up over 8.4 million views on YouTube in one month. The phrase has come to be a retort used in almost any situation.

The real issue is that, the misfortune of those who appear on Dr. Phil’s show are exploited by companies who know that many TV viewers love to reflect on others misfortune. The Daily Beast claims that the “cash me outside” girl is merely Dr. Phil’s latest victim. The New York Post wrote that Dr. Phil uses “scumbag tactics” to exploit Bregoli and people like her. They publish a long list of people whose mental illness has been exploited by Dr. Phil in the name of entertainment.

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Arguably the most famous of these is actress Shelley Duvall, who starred in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel, The Shining.

Duvall was in such a poor state of mental health that Stanley Kubrick’s daughter wrote to Dr. Phil, accusing him of exploiting Duvall’s mental illness.

“Your exploitive use of Shelley Duvall is a form of lurid entertainment and is shameful. It’s appallingly cruel.”

Danielle Bregoli, the “cash me outside” girl is just the latest to achieve fleeting exposure on TV shows like Dr. Phil’s. Many will have little sympathy with Bregoli, after all, no one forced her and her mother to appear on the show. They must have known its nature, and Bregoli has been attempting to cash in on her notoriety.

Fox 25 report that Bregoli might be heading for legal problems after she adapted Champion Sports famous “C” logo to create a range of “cash me outside” merchandise. Hanes Brands Inc., who own Champion, have reportedly written to Bregoli pointing out that she is breaching their copyright of the Champion logo.

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