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Kate Hudson Reminds Us She Has A Phenomenal Singing Voice, Returns To ‘Ellen’

Amidst all the controversies with Brad Pitt as of late, Kate Hudson makes a comeback with her phenomenal singing prowess.

We often forget Kate Hudson has a wonderful voice and her lack of singing stints on the television and the big screen is not helping us remember, either. But despite the incredibly few singing opportunities that present themselves to Kate Hudson, she makes sure her fans—actually, not just her fans, but even random internet browsers throughout the world—get a taste of her singing prowess every now and then.

Just earlier this week, we saw Kate Hudson make some beautiful noise—and this time, nothing related to the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fiasco. Kate Hudson went to Instagram last Valentine’s Day to give the world another sneak peak into her singing talent, UPI reported.

Kate Hudson’s Instagram video-slash-Valentine’s day greeting saw an astounding 1.1 million views. The video was Kate singing Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain,” while her 13-year-old son Ryder did some playful backups on the couch. She captioned the video.

We got love on the brain and sending you all ❤’s! Happy Valentine’s Day from our fam to yours????

If you haven’t watched Kate Hudson’s video, do so below.

We got love on the brain and sending you all ❤'s! Happy Valentine's Day from our fam to yours ????

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A lot of people were surprised that Kate Hudson had this kind of singing talent. And with this just one singing video of herself alone, people are already clamoring for her to make an album.

Kate Hudson returns to The Ellen Show this week, Empty Lighthouse reports, after her Rihanna-singing video went viral and she talks about singing, dating, and more.

Always a pleasure chatting with @theellenshow ????????✌️. @Fabletics #Repost @theellenshow ・・・ @KateHudson is here tomorrow. Peace out.

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Kate Hudson admits that music and singing are her passion, and she shares how much her family loves singing as well.

“I love to sing. It’s like, my first love is music.”

She then goes to explain that the Instagram video of her singing Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” is how it usually is at their house, which is everyone having their turn on the mic, singing their own favorites.

“This is a typical day in our house, actually. But usually it’s a switch off on the mic. It’s like i take my karaoke song, Bing takes his karaoke song.

“I have a mic, I have like a setup. It’s kind of a pro setup than like a karaoke setup. There’s a lot of singing that goes on in our house and we all have our own songs during karaoke and we all take it very seriously. And the kids have their favorite songs like Bing has to sing all Twenty One Pilots songs because he’s obsessed with Twenty One Pilots and Ryder likes Bruno Mars.”

In fact, Kate reveals how much their family loves Twenty One Pilots that just this week, they’ve been to a Twenty One Pilots concert.

Bing Bong in heaven ✨ @twentyonepilots

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She then tells Ellen how much impact music and her singing has left on her kids.

“Their dad’s a musician. They’re used to being in that world. But when you see them with that amount of reverence in that world, you realize that when a band or music has impact on kids, it’s so huge. And every once in a while you get those little glimpses of how music is so deeply impactful for kids, how important that is.”

If you must need more of Kate Hudson’s beautiful singing voice, then you must check out “Cinema Italiano,” which was one of three original songs written for the 2009 film Nine.

If you’re looking for more recent singing performances by Kate Hudson, however, you should also check out Kate’s rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” in a tribute to the phenomenal musician Prince.

Check out Kate Hudson talking more about her singing, her dating, and her kids, on The Ellen Show recap below.

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