BTS Member Jin Slammed By Chef Ramsay, ‘Overcooked Eggs With Worms, No Thanks!’

BTS member, Jin, unknowingly had his food critiqued by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. However, Ramsay made it clear that he’s not a fan of the Kpop idols cooking skills. Ramsay was insistently asked for his honest opinion on Jin’s dish. A fan acted on behalf of the BTS member and tweeted as his significant other. According to AllKpop, the fan asked, “… could you rate his food and make sure that egg is properly cooked?”

Gordon Ramsay said the eggs appeared to be overcooked and the noodles looked liked “worms.” Thousands of supporters retweeted the response and defended the idol. The Hell’s Kitchen star concluded the message with, “No Thanks.”

For weeks, fans have tweeted Ramsay asking for his thoughts on their execution of various dishes in the kitchen. The reality television chef replied back with a mixture of brutally honest comments and uplifting tips. However, many tuned in to watch the Hell’s Kitchen star slice down wannabe chefs.

The Hell’s Kitchen star is famous for shouting and swearing at professional chefs whose food fails to meet his nearly impeccable standards. Now, Gordon has chosen to impart his cooking wisdom on Twitter to those who asked him to rate pictures of their food.

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Chef Ramsay said BTS’ Jin’s dish looked like ‘eggs with worms.’ [Image by David Becker/Getty Images]

Although the fan requested Chef Ramsay’s opinion on the dish, many were shocked by the Hell’s Kitchen star’s response. Fans defended the Kpop idol and said he was a great cook. Other loyal fans tweeted links of the BTS member showing off his cooking skills on the television show, Idol King Of Cooking.

According to Metro, one fan tweeted Ramsay a picture of their school dinner and Ramsay replied, “Change schools.” The post was promptly deleted.

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Jin isn’t the only BTS member obsessed with food. One BTS member, Jin, shared a sample of the convo’s the guys have in their group chat and it surrounded food. Jin uploaded a couple of screenshots to Twitter titled, “Seokjin and the Six Babies,” and added the caption, “Real-time BTS chatroom.”

The first message is from Suga, or who Jin saved as a contact, “Big Hit Min Yoongi” — who asked, “Anyone want to have chicken?”

J-Hope was saved as “Big Hit Jung Hoseok” and replied a few moments later, “Oh, chicken. I do. Where are you?” Suga hilariously responded, “I’m at the dorm… I already ordered it. Are you coming here to eat?”

J-Hope then revealed that he was also inside the dorm. Jin jumped into the convo and said they needed to communicate better as neither knew the other was home.

Chef Ramsay has launched an online course of cooking lessons with Masterclass. An online college where experts and celebrities are the teachers. According to Eater, the global television star is also looking for amateur chefs to feature on the daytime cookery series for ITV called Culinary Genius.

What do you think of Jin’s cooking skills? Did Gordon Ramsay give the BTS member’s dish a fair rating?

[Featured Image by Big Hit Entertainment/BTS 2017 Promotions]