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Donald Trump Poses With Vince McMahon And Other WWE Family Members

Donald Trump impeachment odds may be currently trending all over the internet, or major publication houses may be talking about his recently held press conference, but the majority of people on the internet are impressed by his recent picture in which he posed with Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon and other WWE stars.

Earlier this week, Linda McMahon was sworn in as the head of the Small Business Administration and a photo of her entire family meeting Donald Trump in the Oval Office has begun spreading all across the social media.

In the photo, Donald Trump is sitting in between the McMahon’s as the kids present him with a little gift — a photo of Mr. Trump shaving Vince McMahon’s head during the WrestleMania 23.

As many of Trump followers know this for a fact that he is a WWE fan, and has been a very good friend of WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon’s. In 1988-89 Donald Trump hosted WrestleMania IV and V at Boardwalk Hall and ever since then he was an active participant in several of the shows.

The aforementioned photo gifted to Donald Trump recalls the events of WrestleMania 23. Mr. Trump appeared at the match called “The Battle of the Billionaires,” and was in the corner of Bobby Lashley, which McMahon was in the corner of Lashley’s opponent Umaga with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee.

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WWE chairman Vince McMahon prepares to have his head shaved by Donald Trump [Image by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]

The terms of the said match were that either Donald Trump or Vince McMahon would have their head shaved if their competitor lost the game. At the end of the game, Bobby Lashley won the match, and Vince’s head was shaved by none other than Mr. Trump.

According to Metro, that specific WrestlMania fight broke all the previous box-office and PPV records because of the eagerly anticipated match. To his utter surprise, even Donald Trump was not safe from the destruction as even he was stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In other news, there are almost a million people from America and around the world who has signed a petition for Donald Trump’s impeachment. The mentioned petition is initiated by two nonprofit advocacy groups, Free Speech for People and RootsAction, and was created the day of his inauguration and there are more than 850,000 signatures.

Attorney Ron Fein, Free Speech for People’s legal director, recently told News Australia that the purpose behind their online petition is to get Congress’ attention to look into all the ongoing controversies swirling around Donald Trump.

“No modern president has displayed the casual indifference to the Constitution and the rule of law that President Trump shows. The violations, the corruption, and the threat to our republic are here now, but they will only get worse the longer he stays in office.

“Americans deserve a president who is not beholden to foreign governments to keep his businesses afloat, and whose decisions about bread-and-butter, not to mention life-and-death matters, will not be used to prop up Trump Towers around the world.”

On the other hand, there are many leaders who have suggested that impeaching Trump is not possible at this time as he has not been officially charged with any of the crimes as mentioned in the Article II, Section 4 of the American constitution.

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[Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently held a press conference. During her interaction with the reporters, she said that she felt displeased with Donald Trump’s behavior and how he has implemented all the executive orders.

“And that is not grounds for impeachment. When and if he breaks the law, that is grounds for when something like that would come up.”

What are your views on Donald Trump’s impeachment process and his recently released pictures with the WWE family? Sound off your views in the comments below.

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