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Allegations Of Voter Fraud Continue In Election For Allen West’s Congressional Seat

Allen West Demand Recount In St. Lucie County

Allen West is continuing his uphill battle to defend his Congressional seat from Democratic challenger and presumed election winner, liberal Patrick Murphy. West and his legal team are calling the partial recount from St. Lucie County a “sham” and they are demanding a full recount of all votes cast in the county. When the initial results were announced, Murphy was ahead by about 2400 votes, but his lead was eroded to about 2000 votes after the partial recount.

Several interesting new developments have occurred in the fight for the former Army Colonel’s important seat in the House Of Representatives. West’s campaign manager, Tim Edson, chastised Murphy for attending new Congressional members’ events in Washington despite the continuing dispute over the results. Edson expressed his displeasure with Patrick Murphy:

“I think it is premature of him. I understand he would like to move on and wrap this up, but for someone who claims to be certified public accountant, you would expect him to be a little more concerned about the shifting numbers and the inaccuracies of these numbers.”

Allegations have been made that Fieldworks, a much criticized voter registration group that is an offshoot of the now defunct Acorn, funneled money to the campaign of Patrick Murphy. According to the conservative website, ClashDaily:

“The progressive left has made no secret of their hatred for Congressman Allen West. It will be months until we fully understand the national coordination and vast resources that were brought to Florida in an attempt to defeat him at all costs. One group that shifted resources to his district is Fieldworks. Most notably Fieldworks has extensive Voter Registration and “Get Out The Vote” contracts with almost every major progressive left organization in America.”

The ClashDaily article features an interview video with a Fieldworks staffer who admits to sending money raised for candidates in Colorado to the West Palm Beach area to defeat Congressman West. He refers to West as a “Teabagger” and says, “So they are dumping mass money on that from a lot of different groups and that’s why our money got taken and sent over there because they want that guy (West) out.” The video is raw footage from an American Phoenix Foundation investigation into the activities of Fieldworks.

As soon as West announced his intentions to dispute the election, Revive America started a fund raising campaign to finance West’s legal maneuvering. Before the election the organization created “The Allen West Truth Squad” and raised money to enable ‘Conservatives across America… to rise up and help correct the record about this great American hero.” Now the funds will go to pay West’s legal bills in his recount battle.

In an email sent to potential donors, Revive America made serious allegations of misconduct and voter fraud in St. Lucie County:

Dear Fellow American,

Allen West just won’t quit! And the Democrats and the liberal media can’t believe it.

The fact is we’re going to need Allen West’s leadership on point to fight Obama in Congress.

Over the weekend, the Democrat-run St. Lucie County election board thought they’d under-cut Allen West with a “sham” partial recount at the crack of dawn. Late Saturday night, the election board called a 7 AM Sunday morning “emergency meeting” to recount early voting ballots!

But here’s the red flag: The election board voted only to recount the ballots from three of the eight early voting days, Nov. 1 through 3. Allen West wants all ballots recounted, but he has specifically questioned the ballots from the early voting days of Oct. 27 through 29.

Even so, the results of this “sham” partial recount ought to send shock-waves from Florida to the U.S. Capitol.

Allen West lost 132 votes. Ultra-liberal Democrat Patrick Murphy lost 667 votes. Can you only imagine the results of a full and fair recount? The Democrats sure can.

This is exactly why the Democrats refuse to recount ballots from the five remaining early voting days.

This is an absolute outrage! Allen West deserves a FULL and FAIR recount now. The Florida Democrats are trying to steal this election.

Tentative winner Patrick Murphy is also getting ready to lawyer-up for a protracted round of legal wrangling with West. He sent this urgent warning to his supporters:

“When other campaigns have been faced with similar situations, they have been burdened with legal bills and lengthy and expensive fights that could go on for weeks — months even. We need urgent resources for our Victory Protection Fund to make sure we can protect this victory. We would not be asking for more funds if it was not so urgent.”

The fight is on and Congressman West and his supporters promise to see this through to the end; even if the battle is waged for weeks or months in one court after the other. It looks like another election is tainted by controversy in the never ending mess that is the Florida electoral process. No matter who is the eventual winner between Mr. West and Mr. Murphy, election reform must be the next order of business for the great state of Florida.

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12 Responses to “Allegations Of Voter Fraud Continue In Election For Allen West’s Congressional Seat”

  1. StClair Miller

    His military career ended in disgrace as is now his political career. Please get this disturbed man the pyscheatric counseling he so desparately needs. Sometimes you feel like a nut and Florida doesn't.

  2. Ava Hutchens

    Alan West is a great man and great leader. This controversey should not be happening. But again we have a left wing hack running the recount, she states that she is going to count all the early votes until she sees her guy starting to lose votes, so she changes her mind. This is the true disgrace. We have rules that revolve around elections, but democrats just do not feel like they have to follow the rules.

  3. Joseph Dacus

    Wouldn't be surprised to find Allen as a warlord of some 3rd world country in the future.

  4. Jordan Maynard

    First off its a republican commissioner in charge not a democrat. Second he lost the recount. Alan West a great man? A great man who used shock treatment on prisoners in Iraq, had his men beat a man and fired a gun by his head. He was fined 2 months pay for it and moved stateside and was allowed to retire without being court marshalled. If thats your kind of hero good for you. The man obvioulsy has some boundry issues. Wont accept lawful elections and rolls his own way when in war depsite the law and rules of engagement. Funny how you loyal followers love this kind of person and yet claim to be good loyal Americans who follow rules. They did a complete recount lady and he lost again get on over it.

  5. Ava Hutchens

    Maynard, I just could not disagree with you more. Let's see, West has many military awards, including the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commedation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Valorous Unit Award, Air Assault Badge and the Master Parachutist Badge. As Americans, we are very lucky and most of us are never near a war zone. We never have to make split second life and death decisions. West has been there and he is a great leader. By the way election officials have admitted to double counting some votes and ignoring others. Gertrude Walker, and yes she is the Democrat Secretary of Election Supervisor, states that she is ill and can not respond to questions. By the way it seems I remember Al Gore just could not accept defeat. Oh did I forget, he is a democrat, that makes things different.

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