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Ricky Martin’s 2003 ‘Juramento’ Makes A Comeback, Martin Proposes To Boyfriend

Ricky Martin released his song “Juramento” back in 2003, but a newly-reposted clip from the music video has been viewed more than 850,000 times. How? Because Jenna Dewan-Tatum was the one who posted the video clip on her Instagram account, and her 3.7 million followers couldn’t get enough of it.

But why would Channing Tatum’s wife, who starred in the film Step Up, repost a film clip from a Ricky Martin song released 14 years ago? According to Comic Book, it turns out that Jenna is the sexy woman that Ricky Martin’s character (and his numerous clones) can’t get enough of in the original music video.

wow havent seen this in a while! @ricky_martin one of my favorite people to have worked with. The nicest:) #fbf #Repost @nalumartin ・・・ @ricky_martin & @jennaldewan "Juramento" (English version) Te he protegido de mentira y falso desamor A tu lado me he convertido en viajante sin temor Es por ti que navego con rumbo y dirección Es tu espíritu y fuerza que le dá voz e esta canción You're the only one that can turm my way around It's the power of you with the beat that I have found I'll show you the way I love A ver quien te quiere más… #rickymartin #jennadewantatum #video #juramento #friday #music #sexy #hot #SexySouls #flashback #sensuality #dance

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In other news, Ricky Martin has finally proposed to his boyfriend Jwan Yosef, according to People magazine. Although the 44-year-old “Livin’ la Vida Loca” singer and Yosef have been dating for only a little more than a year, Martin thought it was time to tie the knot.

During his guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in late 2016, Ricky Martin revealed that wedding bells are finally ringing for him. Speaking to the daytime talk show host, the singer revealed he had popped the question to Yosef after dating for a little more than a year.

Ricky Martin revealed that he was “really nervous” when he was proposing to the artist.

“But I got on my knees and I took out — not a box — I just had them in a little velvet pouch.”

Instead of the traditional way of proposing by asking “Will you marry me?” Ricky Martin announced that he had something for Yosef and declared, while on his knees, that he wants to spend the rest of life with him.

“And he was like, ‘What is the question?’ [I said] ‘Would you marry me?'”

And he said “yes”! Ricky Martin added that it was a “very beautiful” moment. In April of 2016, Martin and Yosef officially confirmed their relationship by making their red-carpet debut at the amFAR Inspiration Gala in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Ricky Martin, who was rumored to be dating someone at the time, posted an Instagram snap with Yosef, writing in the caption, “Yup.” To confirm his engagement to Yosef, Martin flashed his engagement band to DeGeneres.

Saying that the two are now living together, Ricky Martin revealed how he and Yosef first met. The “She Bangs” singer, who’s also an art collector, revealed that when he was looking for art, he stumbled across Yosef’s work. Yosef is a conceptual artist, and Martin says he “went crazy” about what he does.

“I love what he does, really original, and I contacted him — and then I collected him.”

Ricky Martin is a father of 8-year-old twin boys Valentino and Matteo, who were born via a surrogate. In 2014, the singer broke up with his longtime boyfriend, Carlos Gonzalez Abella.

Ricky Martin has also revealed how his kids help him improve his music and dance moves, according to another People magazine article. The singer revealed that when his twin boys first realized who their father was, their reaction was priceless.

It’s not surprising that his kids went crazy about their father’s fame, as Ricky Martin has played his music in front of millions of fans and is famous all around the world.

Once Ricky Martin realized his kids were big enough to be told the truth, he took them backstage to one of his gigs.

“One day, when I thought that they were big enough, I said, ‘Go to the front of the house,’ and they see the lights and the whole spectacle.”

When Ricky Martin finished his performance that night, his twin boys came up to him and said, “Papi you’re Ricky Martin,” to which the 44-year-old singer had a clever answer.

“I said ‘I’m not Ricky Martin, I’m your father.’ They said, ‘No, no, no, you’re Ricky Martin,’ and so it changed.”

Ricky Martin also revealed that he always receives raw and honest criticism from his kids. Every time they don’t like something, they honestly tell their dad that some of his dance movements are out of place, or if they don’t like songs, they ask him to come up with a new one.

And Ricky Martin is not one of those stubborn dads who think their kids know nothing because they’re too small. No, the singer always thanks his kids for their good points and tells them that he will consider their requests.

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