'Watch Dogs 3' story and location teased in 'WD2' ending?

‘Watch Dogs 3’ Story, Location Teased In ‘WD2’ Update: London Next? [Spoilers]

Watch Dogs 3‘s story and location may have been hinted in the latest update to Ubisoft’s latest sleeper hit. When the game was launched, it wasn’t a big seller, possibly due to their reputation following the ever-glitchy Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Now it seems gamers are warming up to the possible franchise, and a 10GB patch seems to have added a hint in the ending.

Of course, the original Watch Dogs was also a sleeper hit introducing gamers to a semi-futuristic Chicago in which the operating system CTOS kept the city connected for less than transparent reasons. It was meant as a proverbial jab at the NSA and other government agencies are known for spying on American citizens and allegedly creating dossiers to keep tabs on us for commercial reasons.

The game’s greatest downfall had been a particular mission in which you are being hunted as you drive to a location, being a ridiculous kind of stealth much like when Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag had you piloting a brig through an enemy encampment at night.

Those missions are considered some of the weakest and most rage-quit-inducing points in those games. Thankfully, Watch Dogs 2 left those missions out, instead relying on similar tactics to avoid being caught and killed by the San Francisco Police Department and various gangs.

San Francisco was the setting for 'Watch Dogs 2.'
San Francisco was the setting for ‘Watch Dogs 2.’ [Image by kropic1/Shutterstock]

Much like the Grand Theft Auto series, most gamers don’t usually play it for the story, which is fine due to WD2‘s story having been considered boring and forgettable. Most of the fun often comes from just roaming and ruining the lives of random citizens, since many gamers claim there doesn’t seem to be any point to what you’re doing, other than “sticking it to ‘The Man.'”

The villain is a man-bun sporting hipster running a major corporation known as Blume, who only occasionally does little things like throat-chopping a subordinate for not performing as expected. He’s generally just a businessman attempting to keep things running, and DedSec (the hacker group protagonist Marcus Holloway works with) is set on ruining it through guerrilla marketing.

It’s possible that Ubisoft’s update to the game is setting us up for either a DLC expansion or hinting at the location and story for Watch Dogs 3. After DedSec gets their message to the masses to “wake them up,” a few lines of dialogue are added to the ending in which two men talk about how hacktivist groups are spreading globally. The last few words imply that someone is “making the call,” indicating retaliation against the growing threat which Marcus and his teammates have become.

Hacktivist groups in London could be the protagonists for 'Watch Dogs 3.'
Hacktivist groups in London could be the protagonists for ‘Watch Dogs 3.’ [Image by hywards/Shutterstock]

During this ending dialogue, coordinates are shown atop the audio box which, when entered into Google, point to London, Kotaku revealed. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate went there already for the industrial revolution, so Ubisoft may be revisiting a location in the world for the first time.

If WD3 is taking place in London, it’s likely that Ubisoft will throw in at least some Easter eggs about Jacob and Evie Frye, connecting Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. It could also take a political route like WD2 did with it’s take on the “Trump” election, following the progress of “Brexit,” England’s formal separation from Great Britain.

The appended ending scene also mentions DedSec cells in the Middle East, South America, and Europe. It could also be hinting at a union of hacktivist groups across the globe, expanding way beyond U.S. cities for the first time with multiple maps and multiple protagonists since it’s doubtful that anyone would stay off the grid constantly flying around. National security is usually at its highest in airports due to terrorism in recent years.

Ubisoft may also be planning more global expansions on WD2, but it seems more likely that they will continue with the franchise instead. After the Crew: Calling All Units expansion, they aren’t likely to make that mistake again.

What do you think the possible Watch Dogs 3 story and location will be?

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