Trump Family Friend: Melania Trump 'Miserable, Unhappy' Living Donald's Dream

Trump Family Friend: Melania Trump Is ‘Miserable, Unhappy’ Living Donald’s Dream

First Lady Melania Trump has been the source of plenty of speculation ever since a viral video caught Melania frowning at one point during President Trump’s inauguration. As reported by the Inquisitr, the hashtag #FreeMelania went viral after the GIF made the rounds online. A Huffington Post writer compared her own background, growing up with an emotionally abused mom, to her observations of the First Family. Body-language experts poured over videos of Melania and Donald dancing, along with photos like the following in the photo gallery below, in order to try and glean what could be going on in the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Trump. Now, a new report from Us Weekly claims that Melania is living Donald’s dream, according to the viewpoint of Phillip Bloch, a friend and stylist to the Trump Family.

According to Us, along with Bloch’s claims about Melania being unhappy, another Trump Family source claimed that Mrs. Trump is “miserable” about how her life turned out as the wife of a president.

“Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up.”

The publication points to many recent events that claim to be almost too much to bear for Melania, who is a “deeply private” person. As Melania spends most of her time at Trump Tower in New York City — at least until 10-year-old Barron Trump completes school — some late-night talk show hosts have likened Mrs. Trump to a tragic figure trapped in her opulent Trump Tower penthouse. As Vogue prepares to place the 46-year-old Melania on a future cover of the iconic fashion magazine, the publication has faced boycotts. And then there was the melee with Melania’s libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail, which Mrs. Trump’s legal team claimed hurt her “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to build her Melania brand into a huge commercial brand. That wording from the lawsuit was turned into headlines that criticized Melania for trying to profit from her role as the First Lady.

According to the publication, all the backlash has caused Melania — who moved to the U.S. as part of her modeling career — to remain more hidden within the walls of her lavish Trump Tower apartment. Although Bloch claimed that Mrs. Trump is remaining hidden even more than before she became the wife of the sitting president, the publication notes that Melania was not someone who was often out and about in the New York City social scene prior to becoming First Lady.

According to the publication, Melania used to take her son to school using a chauffeured SUV. However, now the Secret Service reportedly takes Barron to school and picks him up without Melania; perhaps due in part to the folks boycotting Mr. Trump all around the city and outside of Trump Tower at times.

Melania might not necessarily like her role in the White House, but Mrs. Trump reportedly still loves Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach, Florida, where sources claim Melania is most happy.

Still, the article quotes a Trump source as saying Melania’s smile should not fool viewers in certain photos, with claims that Mrs. Trump “hates” her role as First Lady.

“Don’t let her smile in those photos fool you. She hates this.”

However, a different Melania source claimed that Melania is happy in her role as First Lady, and that Mrs. Trump loves supporting her husband.

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump kissed Melania as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Akie Abe looked on, prior to the foursome joining Trump at his “Winter White House” estate that is Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, for a recent weekend.

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