Supercell has rolled out two new in-game events for 'Clash of Clans' this February.

‘Clash of Clans’ February Update: Haste Spell Discounts, 1-Gem Boost And More

Clash of Clans has managed to keep its massive gamer base extremely engaged since December 2016, with constant updates and promotions being rolled out one after another. As February reaches its midway point, Supercell has taken the wraps off of two new in-game promotions, this time focusing on special spells and a significant discount in hero boosts.

As announced in the official Clash of Clans Twitter account, a new Haste Spell event has officially been rolled out by Supercell. Considering that Haste Spells are invaluable for players who are fond of using powerful but slow units, the recently-launched event, just like those that preceded it, is expected to increase the frequency of the powerful spell’s use in battles over the next few days.

With the Haste Spell discount event ongoing, it is highly advisable for Clash of Clans players to start coming up with strategies that revolve around heavy hitters which are relatively slow-moving. Thus, units such as Balloons and Dragons (both of which pack powerful offense but horrible speed), could be used liberally with the ongoing promotion. After all, CoC gamers know that a fast-moving unit of Balloons and Dragons is pretty much a nightmare for defending players.

Clash of Clans players who are fond of using air units are not the only ones who could take full advantage of the ongoing Haste Spell promotion, as a number of heavy-hitting ground units are also set to receive a pretty great speed boost with the event. Among these is the widely popular P.E.K.K.A., one of CoC’s most popular units. With Haste Spells and with the opponent’s walls down, the P.E.K.K.A. is capable of easily mowing down the units of opposing gamers, according to popular CoC-themed website AllClash.

While the discounted Haste Spell event is already a great promotion, Supercell has opted to continue its Valentine’s Day event as well. Thus, up until February 19, Clash of Clans would be giving players the capability to boost their Heroes using only a single gem. Considering that Hero boosts are usually very costly, the ongoing promotion has been embraced very warmly by the CoC community. With Heroes being boosted far quicker than before, Clash of Clans skirmishes within the next few days would most likely be very interesting.

With two ongoing events, Supercell has managed to keep the Clash of Clans community very interested. After all, the interest among players appears to have been raised significantly with the game’s recent promotions. Despite this, however, numerous Clash of Clans players have nonetheless asked Supercell to do a bit more for the hit mobile game’s millions of players.

For one, numerous Clash of Clans players have asked Supercell to roll out a promotion that reduces the time to upgrade the game’s units and resources. Others, on the other hand, are clamoring for the return of the game’s extremely popular 1-Gem Resource Boost. Considering that Supercell is a very hands-on developer, the chances of these promotions actually making it to the game are fairly high. After all, Supercell has established its reputation by being one of the most open-minded developers in the mobile gaming market.

'Clash of Clans' remains as one of the most prolific mobile games in the market.
[Image by Supercell]

One thing that remains to be seen, however, is the release date of the next big Clash of Clans update. Over the last few months, numerous rumors and alleged leaks have begun to emerge about the game, with speculations pointing to a number of new changes that appear to be set for a mass rollout soon.

Among these include changes to the game, such as the inclusion of water battles and sea units and structures for Clash of Clans. These rumors, while unconfirmed by Supercell, have been found in the game’s codes by CoC fans through data mining. Thus, despite the changes to the game not being rolled out as of yet, the presence of the mobile title’s new features in the game itself is very interesting.

So far, Clash of Clans has remained a pretty strong mobile game for 2017. Utilizing a constant stream of updates and promotions, the game has been able to capture and maintain the interest of its massive player base in a satisfactory manner. With new features seemingly set to be released soon, there is a good chance the popular mobile game would get even more prolific as the year goes on.

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