Solange Knowles Deletes Controversial Tweets Targeting Grammys

Solange Knowles has deleted her controversial tweets that bashed the Grammys for snubbing black artists.

Solange angrily wrote the tweets after her sister Beyonce Knowles failed to win the Grammy award for Album of the Year during the award ceremony which was held on Sunday evening. The tweets took a jab at the Recording Academy for allegedly failing to recognize black artists as much as their white counterparts, thus suggesting a race bias. Only two black artists have received the award in the last 20 years.

“There have only been two black winners in the last 20 years for Album of the Year. There have been over 200 black artist[s] who have performed,” the Saints Records founder pointed out.

Solange believed that her sister deserved the award

Solange seems to have been throwing a fit on the social media platform because her sister did not win the award despite having one of the most successful albums of 2016. Beyonce’s album Lemonade was considered one of her greatest masterpieces and many people like the Knowles sister thought that she would nab the award.

Beyonce received a whopping nine Grammy nominations courtesy of her album Lemonade, but unfortunately she did not manage to scoop the Album of the Year award as most people expected.

The deleted tweets

It is not clear why Solange deleted her tweets about the Grammys. She is not the first celebrity to bring up the issue. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean have also boycotted the Grammys especially due to its alleged cultural bias. However, one might have been deleted because the facts were wrong especially regarding the number of black people that have won Grammy awards for Album of the Year category. Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles, OutKast, and Lauryn Hill have all been awarded in the category in the last 20 years.

Solange Knowles controversial tweet bashing Grammys deleted

Perhaps Solange felt that she might have also taken things too far with the tweets bashing the Grammys. She gave a shout-out to Frank Ocean in one of her tweets, thus suggesting that she also intended to start boycotting the Grammys.

The award for Album of the Year was given to British singer Adele, courtesy of her Album 25. The British singer even paid tribute to Beyonce in her acceptance speech saying that the Lemonade singer should have been the one to take the award home.

“I can’t possibly accept this award, and I’m very humbled, and I’m very grateful and gracious,” Adele stated while on the stage at the awards show.

It was clear that most people agreed with Solange’s claim that Beyonce deserved the award. Despite her disappointment in the fact that her sister did not get the award, Solange managed to beat the competition, including Rihanna, to win a trophy for the Best R&B Performance courtesy of her single “Cranes In The Sky.” She, however, did not seem too happy and for obvious reasons.

Solange Knowles controversial tweet bashing Grammys deleted

The fact that even Adele thought that Beyonce should have been the one to take home the trophy says a lot and it also gave Solange some backup for her claims. There was a lot of hype about the Lemonade album when it came out and people were almost certain that it would win the Album of the Year award. Unfortunately, things turned out differently and the situation further escalated the claims that the academy is unfair in its awarding process. Solange may have taken down her controversial tweets that targeted the Grammys but some people agree she was still right to a certain extent.

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