Coco Austin takes Chanel Nicole out for her first snow day

Coco Austin Enjoys Picture Perfect First Snow Day With Baby Chanel Nicole

Coco Austin and her one-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole enjoyed a winter wonderland in New York this past week. The 37-year-old took her baby out to enjoy the snow day for the first time as she documented for fans.

Coco shared the the moment via Snapchat and on Instagram as she and Chanel frolicked in the snow. In her Snapchat videos, Coco said it didn’t seem Chanel was enjoying her first snow day as much as she had anticipated, but the toddler did smile for a quick photo with her mom.

Snow day in New York!!!

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Austin’s post only received about 50,000 likes, but fans took to leaving comments to show their support of the matching mother-daughter duo.

“@coco OMG!! you guys are so cute, I love your matching outfits. Your daughter is so beautiful, I love all of the pics you post.”

Coco shared the same photo on Chanel’s Instagram account as she told fans how Chanel enjoyed her snow day.

“1st time in real snow❄❄..I’ve been too little up until now to be in it.. I just watched mom be goofy.”

Ice T’s wife first told her followers there was about a foot of snow on the ground as she showed their pool covered with it. Then, she attempted to introduce Chanel Nicole to the fluffy fun, but the tot seemed a little unsure at first. However, Coco ended up with at least one happy photo of her daughter as seen on Instagram.

Austin is known for her love of matching outfits with her baby girl as she recently opened up about how motherhood has changed her life. Peoplereported on Coco saying she’s become “more mature” since welcoming her first child with Ice T.

“Coco Austin knows she has given off a bit of a ‘wild’ vibe in her past. But now that she’s a mom, she sees herself in a completely different light.”

Coco Austin takes Chanel Nicole out for her first snow day
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Coco said she not only feels more mature being a mom, but that she also now cares what people think of her.

“Now I do care what people think, and I want them to think of me as a better person, not the wild Coco. I want them to see me as the mother Coco, and that I’m a good person at heart.”

She added that she feels like a totally different person since welcoming Chanel Nicole in November 2015 and has a new outlook on herself as a person. Of course, her fans would most likely agree as her social media is now full of photos of her and baby Chanel Nicole.

Austin enjoys wearing matching outfits with Chanel as she continually shares cute photos online. Their latest twinning moment, besides their snow day, was a plaid outfit as they visited a set on People.

Chanel and I popped in at the People Mag Live studios..You can watch it now online!! Its funny Chanel wanted the boob so bad during the interview it was smack during her usual nap time

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Fans took to commenting on Coco’s post as they once again shared their delight at seeing the mother-daughter pair dress alike.

“The pictures of you and your daughter make me smile. I love the matching outfits. You seem like an amazing mom!”

Other fans said they love the fact Austin is sure to include Chanel Nicole in her daily routine as she takes the baby with her to hair appointments, concerts, and other outings.

“So cute! One thing I love about coco is that she’s always with her daughter. She’s pictured with her daughter all the time! Unlike other celebrity moms. I love the bond she has w her little girl.”

Since her daughter’s birth, Coco has been posting photos with the little girl as the pair wear matching outfits, including plenty of bikini moments as the two enjoy pool days. It seems Chanel may be more of a summer baby than a winter, though.

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