Donald Trump in Oval Office signing financial reform resolution

Donald Trump Impeachment Petition Nearly Reaches Alarming 1 Million Signatures

The latest news on the Donald Trump impeachment petition doesn’t look good for the new Republican President. According to reporting from International Business Times, nearly 1 million people have given their signatures in support of impeaching Trump.

IBT‘s post on Trump’s petition reads, “How To Stop The President: Nearly 1 Million People Demand Trump’s Impeachment With Petition.” It’s an update to the growing number of Americans who are protesting the administration’s controversial policies (e.g. Travel ban, etc.). Leading the charge is a petition dubbed, “resistance.”

The movement, according to the media portal, is “an online and in-person community organizing protests and demonstrations across the country, that’s now leading the call to impeach the 45th president of the United States.”

The site, “Impeach Trump Now” periodically updates the running total of signatures throughout the day.

“As of 6:11 pm EST, February 14, 2017, 861,749 signers and counting have joined the campaign to Impeach Trump Now. The signature count will be periodically updated.”

In less than a month in the Oval office, Donald Trump has caused a nationwide backlash over, what some call, “partisan” executive orders. The impeachment petition grew steam from Trump’s early days in office and has grown steadily. Swift resistance emerged against Trump’s move to deregulate Wall Street banks, overturn Obamacare and ban immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries.

As the Inquisitr wrote previously, Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit a historic low.

“According to the recent Gallup poll, the 45th president of the United States of America has struggled to find his footing even as he spends his first month in the White House. In data findings made available to the LA Times, 55 percent of Americans disapprove of President Trump’s achievements so far, while only 40 percent believe he has done well. The 15-point deficit is the highest ever recorded since Mr. Trump was sworn into the White House on January 20.”

The petition to impeach Donald Trump is also based on matters of integrity. Multiple news agencies and senior lawmakers like Politico and Bernie Sanders (“pathological liar,” per SMH), respectively, suggest the magnitude and frequency of the sitting President’s “lies” have no precedent.

Scholars and critics say Donald Trump could be impeached alone for not divesting completely from his line of businesses. The New York real estate mogul relinquished operational power to his sons. However, experts say Trump is still connected to his business interests, which, ostensibly, is a violation of the US Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause (EC).

The Brookings Institute defined the EC and emphasized that it is not a “dated” policy that is in need of a makeover. Rather, it was born out of the understanding of the motivations of the human condition to prevent conflicts of interest.

The site didn’t expressly mention impeachment by name, but it charged that from the moment Trump was sworn in, he violated “both the spirit and the letter of this critical piece of the U.S. Constitution.” The petition loosely mirrors the same language.

Experts posit that even while Democratic namesakes presumably line up for a possible 2020 challenge — Sen. Corey Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton (Rumor), the Donald Trump impeachment petition is well underway in voicing a referendum against the Republican commander in chief.

Just prior to this post’s publication, Fox News released the results of Donald Trump’s first report card, which echoed a previous poll about the petition to impeach the President.

Results show that voters are divided over Trump in his first presidential report card, post-inauguration. In Trump’s first 100 days in office, half of the respondents say they are confident in Donald’s performance. Contrarily, 49 percent of those polled show disapproval. It’s important to note that the results are largely along party lines; nearly 87 percent of those in favor of Trump are Republicans.

On Thursday, the framers of the Impeach Trump Now petition plan to submit the signatures to Congress.

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