'Dragon Ball Super' appears to be teasing the return of Mystic Gohan within the next couple of weeks.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ep 79-80: Summaries, Spoilers Tease Mystic Gohan’s Return

Dragon Ball Super seems to be saving a pretty good surprise for fans for the next couple of weeks, with the release of the newest batch of episode summaries for Ep 79 and 80. From what could be determined so far, it appears that the next two weeks would be complete fanservice for longtime fans of the franchise, as Gohan seems set to reach his mystic form once more during the second round of the pre-tournament battles in the Universe Survival Arc.

The new set of summaries was recently released by notable fan-translator Todd Blankenship, who revealed some very interesting plot points of the next couple of Dragon Ball Super episodes. DBS Episode 79 would be airing on February 19, and it would feature the full battle between Universe 7’s Majin Buu and Universe 9’s Basil. From what could be determined in the teaser, it appears that Basil might have bitten off more than he can chew in the battle against the formidable U7 fighter.

The next couple of episodes in 'Dragon Ball Super' would be quite intense.
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What has really managed to get fans’ attention, however, is the summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 80, which is set to air on February 26. Titled “Awaken the Dormant Fighting Spirit! Son Gohan’s Battle!!” the episode’s summary all but confirms that something very significant is set to happen with regard to Goku’s firstborn son and his match against the eldest brother among Universe 9’s wolf fighters.

“The second round of the Omni-Present Match. Facing off against Universe 9’s Lavenda, Gohan is sprayed in the face with poison mist and loses his eyesight. Unable to even sense his opponent’s ki, Gohan is one-sidedly beaten around, but…”

From the contents of Dragon Ball Super Episode 80’s summary, it appears that Gohan would be meeting his first big challenge since losing most of his power early on in the anime. While the popular character has not done anything significant as of late, the teaser for February 26’s DBS episode seems to suggest that a change would be happening within Gohan, and it would most likely trigger the resurgence of the character’s pride as a fighter. Considering how long the character has been nerfed in the anime, the premise of Episode 80 has managed to get numerous fans very excited.

'Dragon Ball Super' has officially entered the Universe Survival Arc.
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With Gohan facing his most powerful opponent in a long time, longtime Dragon Ball Super fans have begun speculating that Son Goku’s firstborn son would be reaching his popular Mystic Form once more. The return of Gohan’s Mystic Form has been teased for a while now, starting with some scenes in the final episode of the recently concluded Future Trunks arc and culminating in a scene on the new DBS opening theme for the Universe Survival saga. Thus, there is a very good chance that the next couple of episodes would finally prove Gohan’s worth as a proud fighter worthy of exceeding his own father.

In a lot of ways, Dragon Ball Super has been giving fans exactly what they want in terms of character development and plot. The recently concluded Future Trunks arc is a great example of this, as the pacing of the saga was significantly faster than the franchise’s previous series such as Dragon Ball Z and the original Dragon Ball anime of the 1980s. Apart from this, the return of numerous characters such as Vegito was also included, almost purely as a means to give fans a melancholic throwback to the franchise’s peak more than 20 years ago.

If the previous episodes and the current saga are any indication, it appears that the Universe Survival Arc would feature battles and events that would cater directly to what new and longtime fans of the Dragon Ball Super franchise have always wanted. The premise of a tournament among universes alone is something that is sure to excite new and longtime DB fans. Coupled with the return of beloved fighters from the long-lost days of Dragon Ball Z and the original Dragon Ball anime, the Tournament of Power might very well end up as the best DB saga since the franchise debuted all those years ago.

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