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When Will ‘The 100’ Season 4 Be Added To Netflix?

Season 4 of The 100 is in full swing on the CW as Episode 3, titled “The Four Horsemen,” airs tomorrow.

Warning: The article may contain slight spoilers for anyone who is not up to date with watching The 100 Season 4.

For those who missed Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Season 4, here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened so far. The 100 Season 4, Episode 1, titled “Echoes,” aired on February 1. The episode focused on Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends as they struggled with how to move forward after the fate of the world was revealed.

The 100 Season 4 on Netflix
‘The 100’ Season 4 on Netflix [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The 100 Season 4, Episode 2, titled “Heavy Lies the Crown,” aired on February 8. The episode focused on how much of a burden being a leader was for Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) and different challenges force them to play a role in deciding who lives and dies.

The 100 Season 4, Episode 3,titled “The Four Horsemen,” airs on February 15. The episode will focusing on Jaha (Isaiah Washington) leading Clarke and Bellamy down a path that could be salvation.

As The 100 continues to roll out new episodes each week, there is really only one thing fans want to know: when will Season 4 of the CW series be added to Netflix? Fortunately, What’s On Netflix notes The 100 Season 4 will be added to the Netflix library faster than previous seasons, thanks to a new contract the streaming company has with the CW. Just when is the Netflix release date for The 100 Season 4?

For anyone who hasn’t watched The 100 yet, it is highly recommended by What’s On Netflix as one of the hottest shows on the CW. It is, however, important to note the show is a little different than the comedy, superhero, and vampire themed series the CW viewers have grown accustomed to.

The 100 has a futuristic plot line. In the series, mankind lives in orbit above the earth. A decision is made to send 100 criminals down to Earth to test out the surface and determine whether or not it is a safe and viable place to live.

Season 4 of The 100 has the team starting to discover more behind the reason the Earth was annihilated 97 years prior.

Typically, Netflix keeps to a consistent and predictable release date. The 100, and all other CW shows, including The Flash and Arrow for that matter, will have a completely different Netflix release schedule per the new contract the company struck with the network last year.

In the past, The 100 fans would have expected Season 4 of the series to drop between the months of October and November. Thanks to the new contract, however, Season 4 of The 100 will be added to the Netflix library a week or two after the finale episode airs on the CW.

The finale of Season 4 has a scheduled air date of May 19, so Netflix subscribers can expect the next season of The 100 to hit the streaming library towards the end of May or the beginning of June.

Some Netflix regions, such as Canada, are dropping new episodes the day after they air on television. Netflix UK, however, lost out on rights to the series and Australia subscribers only have access to Season 1 and Season 2. Netflix Australia hasn’t added new episodes of The 100 since 2015, so it is unclear when or if those subscribers will see Season 4 any time soon.

Are you watching The 100 as it airs on the CW or are you waiting to binge through the series when it is added to the Netflix library? Do you like that the new contract allows Netflix to drop new seasons of the CW shows much sooner than they had done in the past? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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