'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller is stress heading into Nationals

‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Returns To Pittsburgh As Nationals Loom

It is almost time for the Season 7 Dance Moms finale and spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way. Abby Lee Miller has taken her team back to Pittsburgh to compete in Nationals and previews have revealed that Chloe Lukasiak and her mom, Christi, will be making a surprise return. The future of the Lifetime series had been somewhat unknown for the past month or two and fans are anxious to know what to expect next. What’s coming up during the February 14 episode?

According to TV Guide, the Season 7, Episode 12 show is titled “It’s Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh.” The Abby Lee Dance Company team has returned to the East Coast after some challenges in California and there is mounting tension among the moms as the dancers prepare to compete against the Candy Apples again.

Dance Moms spoilers detail that Camryn Bridges will get a solo for this big competition and she will be at the center of a fair amount of drama. Miller is said to question whether Camryn really wants to be on the ALDC team, and Abby isn’t the only one. The other mothers will question this as well and Camryn’s mother will be adamant in trying to deny this. However, she’ll get busted for lying as she’s arguing and it is clear that the tension could be cut with a knife at this point.

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Previews tease that Abby is determined to win at Nationals and she is anxious to beat Cathy and the Candy Apples again. However, Cathy is feeling territorial and confident. This is shaping up to be a vicious battle. There is a competition during Tuesday’s episode ahead of the Nationals, and it sounds as if the ALDC’s return to the East Coast goes well. The buzz is that the ALDC group number, Camryn’s solo, and a duet with Lilliana and Elliana take top honors at the competition while the CADC falls just short.

From the sounds of things, this face-off between the ALDC and the CADC may well serve as a lead-in to the Season 7 finale episodes set to air on Tuesday, February 21. It looks like the finale is titled “Same Old Frenemies” and will be broken into two parts, both of which air the same night. Not only will Abby and Cathy have their teams face off once again at Nationals, but this is where Chloe Lukasiak and her mom Christi surprise everybody as well.

Just why is Chloe coming back? Lukasiak opened up recently as Dance Moms spoilers emerged about her return, but things have remained a bit hazy regarding the extent of her involvement in the series. Many suspect that Lukasiak is back just to visit her friends and watch Nationals, although there have been some hints that she might be back for more.

'Dance Moms' is bringing back Chloe Lukasiak
Chloe Lukasiak is soon returning to Dance Moms, at least for a buzzworthy appearance [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

There have been plenty of rumors floating around regarding a Dance Moms cancellation, but now it sounds as if the series is returning with more new episodes soon. Abby is facing her sentencing later in February and, while her legal team is asking for probation, there is a real chance that she may end up behind bars for a while. Miller chatted with Entertainment Tonight recently and tried to joke about this a bit, but she seemed emotional during the interview and noted that she is taking all of this very seriously and is ready to face the consequences. She also made it clear that she is not at all happy about the return of the Lukasiaks.

Various signs have emerged detailing big Dance Moms spoilers that the show is filming again, for what will surely be dubbed Season 7B. The Instagram account “DanceMomsSpoilers” has noted that everybody is back in Los Angeles filming, including Miller, and the group appears to include Kendall, Kalani, Nia, Brynn, Camryn, Maesi, Lilliana, and Elliana. There had been rumors that Kalani and her mom Kira were leaving, but that apparently has not ended up being the case. It is not known yet how many more episodes are coming and, at this point, it doesn’t seem that Chloe is involved in the new episodes in any sense.

Do you think that the ALDC can come out on top now that they’re back in Pittsburgh? Will Abby Lee Miller end up behind bars and off of the series? Is it possible that Chloe Lukasiak could be back for more than the Season 7 finale airing on February 21? Dance Moms spoilers tease that things are going to be wild and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

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