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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: This Former Couple Is Struggling For Their Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in and it looks like one former couple is growing closer by the second now that they’re literally stuck in the same place together. Days of Our Lives fans know that Chad and Gabi have disappeared but now we’re finding out that they’re fighting for their lives, which might lead to some realizations.

According to a spoilers post via Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad and Gabi don’t know whether or not they will make it out alive due to their hostage situation. That said, time alone together may lead them towards romance once again. This season we’ve seen Chad comfort Gabi in her time of need, and this situation won’t be any different. If anything, Days of Our Lives fans are aware that he has proven to be someone that she can count on in chaotic times. It’s said that their bond only grows stronger, and we know what that might mean.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that JJ and Lani will combine forces to search for the former couple and will do some major investigating at the Kiriakis mansion. So far they suspect that Deimos is the one behind the kidnapping. While at the mansion it looks like their suspicions are confirmed because JJ will find Gabi’s necklace which makes them believe that Deimos has both of them somewhere close by.

Days of Our Lives viewers have witnessed this sticky situation unfold between Chad and Gabi. They have all of this history together, so it would make sense to rekindle their romance. That said, Chad does have one small problem on his hands — Abigail.

While Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Abigail and Kate will help Eduardo and Dario in an effort to save the former couple, he might be realizing that he doesn’t love Abigail like he once did. Earlier in the season, we witnessed Chad in utter turmoil when he found out that Abigail wasn’t dead. Although someone in his position might be thrilled to hear the news, he was conflicted because he couldn’t take his mind off of Gabi. Aside from that, Days of Our Lives fans know that Abigail didn’t tell him she was alive this whole time, and that created some big trust issues for this couple. Now that he has all of this alone time, he might think twice about Abigail and turn to his ex for comfort.

If Chad acts on his feelings, we know, thanks to a recent Days of Our Lives spoilers post, that they’re mutual. Gabi confessed that she has “deep love” for Chad while she was tending to his wounds after Deimos’ men assaulted him. Although she’s admitted that she has feelings for him in the past, things are definitely different now that Abigail is back in the picture, and he’s doing the best to work on his marriage, but with new doubts in his head, is the damage already done?

In other Days of Our Lives spoilers news, Deimos’ rage continues to spiral out of control once he finds out that JJ and Lani are actively searching for the pair. He’ll also have Victor to deal with when he stops by to have a little chat with his brother about his violent ways. Of course, Victor doesn’t really have a problem with violence as he’s created a few blunders himself, but it’s Deimos’ recklessness that he might take an issue with.

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