Diver Swims With Deadly 26 Foot Anaconda [Photos]

Franco Banfi, a professional diver and snake enthusiast, has done something unheard of. Banfi, armed only with a camera, got up close and personal with 8 female anacondas. He was able to photograph the massive snakes up close in the wild. Some of the snakes measured more than 26 feet, according to the Daily Mail (photos below).

Banfi took a 10 day trip to the Mato Grosso area of Brazil to take pictures of the snakes. He got pictures of them both on land and as they descended into the waters to look for prey.

In this shot, Banfi was able to get right up next to a giant anaconda as it was sunbathing and resting after having just consumed a giant rat.

Anaconda 1

Banfi said:

“As the snake had just eaten it didn’t take much interest in us. Everything is possible but I don’t think it would have eaten us.I was very close, I could have touched it if I wanted to.”

Banfi said that, in the ten days he was in Brazil, he had seen six different female snakes.

Anaconda 2